TAT Full Form

TAT Full Form: What Does TAT Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of TAT is? Then, here you will come to know what Does TAT stand for? Also all possible Full Form of TAT.

TAT Full Form

The term TAT has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

TAT Full Form is – Turnaround Time

Turnaround Time is abbreviated as TAT. It’s the amount of time it takes for a procedure to complete from start to finish. In basic terms, it is the amount of time it takes to execute a task or respond to a request.

What is TAT Full Form in Banking?

Turnaround Time

What Does TAT Stand For?

TAT stands for – Thematic Apperception Test

The TAT (Thematic Apperception Test) is a set of 31 tables with black and white photographic pictures printed on thin white matte cardboard. A blank white sheet covers one of the tables.

Twenty tables from this collection are displayed in a certain sequence (their choice is determined by the sex and age of the subject).

The Thematic Apperception Test was created to investigate the imagination. However, it was discovered that the diagnostic information obtained with its help goes far beyond the scope of this area, allowing for a detailed description of the deep tendencies of the personality, including its needs and motives, attitudes toward the world, character traits, typical forms of behavior, internal and external conflicts, and psychological defense mechanisms, as well as a detailed description of the deep tendencies of the personality, including its needs and motives, attitudes toward the world, character traits, typical forms of behavior, internal and external conflicts, and mechanisms of psychological.

Although it is hard to make a clinical diagnosis based solely on the results of this exam or any other psychological examination, inferences can be taken regarding the degree of intellectual development and the existence of indications of certain mental diseases.

Without prior biographical (anamnestic) knowledge on the topic, working with the approach “blindly” is impossible. Implementing the Thematic Apperception Test in the clinic of borderline states has proven to be the most beneficial.

At the same time, it’s a good idea to combine it with the Rorschach test or the MMPI, which offers additional information to the TAT data. As a result, the information gathered from the TAT usually allows for a more in-depth and meaningful interpretation of the MMPI profile’s structure and the source and origin of particular peaks.

Although TAT allows for collecting incredibly detailed and extensive information on a person, it does not ensure that this information will be gathered in every circumstance.

The amount and quality of information obtained are influenced by the subject’s personality and, to a greater extent, the psychodiagnostician’s qualifications. A lack of qualifications impacts the stage of interpretation of the results and the research itself.

INR Full Form

What is Full Forms of TAT

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term TAT.

Sr. No.TermCategoryTAT Full Form
1TATBusinessTurnaround Time
2TATMedicalThematic Apperception Test
3TATAirport CodePoprad-Tatry Airport
5TATArmyTactical Airlift Technology
6TATArmyTactical Analysis Team
9TATTravel & TourismTalking About Tourism
10TATUncategorizedTalks All the Time
11TATAutomotiveTandem Axle Trailer
12TATPharmaceuticalTapas Accupressure Technique
13TATRadiologyTargeted Alpha Therapy
14TATLocal - CountriesTargeted Anticancer Therapies
15TATPharmaceuticalTargeted Anti-cancer Therapy
16TATUgandaTax Appeal Tribunal
17TATEducationalTeacher Assistance Team
18TATArtTeaching Artist Training
19TATUncategorizedTeam Activities Team
20TATTechnologyTechnical Acceptance Team
21TATMilitaryTechnical Area Task
22TATComputer SecurityTechnical Assessment Team
23TATProjectionTechnical Assistance and Training
24TATPoliticsTechnical Assistance Team
25TATLigniteTechnician Apprenticeship Training
26TATArmyTechnologies And Tactics
27TATMedicalTemporal Artery Thermometer
28TATStencilTemporary Airbrush Tattoo
29TATEducationalTentative Arrival Time
30TATUncategorizedTerrorists Against Tony
31TATInformation TechnologyTest And Trial
34TATEngineeringTest Assessment Team
35TATAutomotiveTest Automatic Transmission
36TATMedicalTetanus Anti Toxin
37TATDentistryTetanus Antitoxin
38TATPharmaceuticalTetanus anti-toxin
39TATInformation TechnologyText Attribute Table
40TATFunnyThe Almighty Teen
41TATArtThe Artist Twit
42TATDesignThe Astonishing Tribe
43TATJournalsThe Automotive Technician
44TATPsychologyThematic Appreciation Test
45TATTransportationTheoretical Arrival Time
46TATPharmaceuticalTherapeutic Area Team
47TATThiefThick as Thieves
48TATInternet SlagThink About That
49TATMedicalThrombin-Antithrombin Complex
50TATMedicalThrombin-AT III Complex
51TATInternet - ChatTill Another Time
52TATUncategorizedTime After Time
53TATInternet - ChatTired All the Time
54TATArmyTo Accompany Troops
55TATPopular CultureToddlers and Tiaras
56TATUncategorizedTon Art Tirol
57TATInformation TechnologyToshiba Authorized Technician
58TATManagementTotal Action Time
59TATCardiologyTotal Activation Time
60TATMedicalTotal Adipose Tissue
61TATAviationTotal Air Temperature
62TATAircraftTotal AirTemperature
63TATManufacturingTotal Alignment Tool
64TATAccountingTotal Asset Turnover
65TATBusinessTotal Asset Turnover
67TATCompanies or OrganizationsTourism Authority of Thailand
68TATUncategorizedTraditions All Together
69TATUncategorizedTrans Activator of Transcription
70TATAthleticsTrans America Trail
71TATPharmaceuticalTrans-Activation of Transcription
73TATBiochemistryTrans-activator Protein
74TATElectronicsTrans-atlantic Telecommunication
75TATAircraft & AviationTranscontinental Air Transport
76TATAutomotiveTransylvania Adventure Trophy
77TATMedicalTray Agglutination Test
78TATUncategorizedTreat Anything Tactile
79TATEducationalTriangles And Tentacles
80TATVoluntary OrganizationTruckers Against Trafficking
81TATUncategorizedTrue Air Temperature
82TATAvionicsTrue Air Temperature
83TATUncategorizedTrue Amateur Tournaments
84TATUncategorizedTruth and Transmission
85TATBiochemistryTwin-Arginine Translocation
86TATPharmaceuticalTyrosinal Adrenal Thyroid
87TATMedicalTyrosine Aminotransferase


What is TAT Full Form in Business?

Turnaround Time

What is TAT Full Form in BPO?

Turn Around Time

What Does TAT Stand for in Motorcycle Ride?

In Motorcycle Ride TAT Stand for – Trans America Trail

Final Words: I hope you get what you want to know about TAT. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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