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TBC Full Form

TBC Full Form

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is TBC full form is? If so, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of TBC, but also get detailed information about TBC.

Not only this, you will also come to know the Meaning of TBC here.

In eFull Forms, you will get complete information about the acronym of TBC or abbreviation of TBC related to all terminology. So, let’s find out all possible TBC Full Form and its meaning here.

TBC Full Form

The term TBC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant TBC Full Form is –

TBC – To Be Confirmed

TBC – To Be Continued

TBC Full Form in Cricket

Full Form of TBC in Cricket is – To Be Confirmed or Continued

What Does TBC Stands For?

TBC stands for – To Be Confirmed and To Be Continued

What is TBC Meaning

The term TBC was used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of TBC is – To Be Confirmed & To Be Continued

TBC means “To Be Confirmed”. This shows that despite the fact that something is resolved or expected to occur, a specific part of that thing stays to be composed. Additionally it is used to show that a choice has been made however is conformation is not done.

All Full Forms of TBC

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term TBC.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryTBC Full Forms
1TBC Pharmacology1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-beta-carboline
2TBC Chemical Compound4-TertButylCatechol
3TBC Chemistry4-tert-butylcatechol
4TBC PharmacologyBody-core Temperature
5TBC ChurchesTabernacle Baptist Church
6TBC LocalTabernacle Baptist Congregation
7TBC ArmyTactical Battle Command
8TBC TechnologyTaiwan Broadband Communications
9TBC Uncategorizedtal Body Conditioning
10TBC UncategorizedTal Body Confusion
11TBC Uncategorizedtal Body Crunch
12TBC EducationalTalking Book Center
13TBC UncategorizedTally Bloody Capable
14TBC UncategorizedTangible Base Capital
15TBC MedicalTarget Birth Cohort
16TBC AllergyTarget-Binding Cells
17TBC NYSE SymbolsTasty Baking Company
18TBC EducationalTauranga Boys College
19TBC NourishmentTea Bag Cut
20TBC EducationalTeachers Behavior to Caring
21TBC Information TechnologyTechnology Based Company
22TBC FunnyTeddy Bear Club
23TBC EducationalTeen Biotech Challenge
24TBC UncategorizedTeeny Bug Creations
25TBC ChurchesTemple Bible Church
26TBC LocalTennessee Baptist Convention
27TBC ReligionTennessee Baptist Convention
28TBC Companies or OrganizationsTequesta Brewing Company
29TBC NASA - SpaceTerminal Buffer Controller
30TBC Dermatology-Tertiary Butyl Catechol
31TBC AthleticsTexas Baseball Club
32TBC PharmaceuticalTexas Beef Council
33TBC TexasTexas Bicycle Coalition
34TBC MusicTexas Boy Choir
35TBC MusicTexas Boy's Choir
36TBC BusinessTexas Business Forum
37TBC Information TechnologyText Based Conversation
38TBC RestaurantsThai Bean Cuisine
39TBC UncategorizedThat book cooks
40TBC UncategorizedThe Ballad Collection
41TBC UncategorizedThe Bare Cogs
42TBC UncategorizedThe Barre Code
43TBC Companies or OrganizationsThe Barricade Company
44TBC UncategorizedThe Beijing Center
45TBC UncategorizedThe Berean Call
46TBC UncategorizedThe Best Companys
47TBC UncategorizedThe Bhangra Competition
48TBC BibleThe Bible Channel
49TBC CoinsThe Billion Coin
50TBC CoinThe Billion Coin
51TBC Local - CountriesThe Birmingham Connection
52TBC FunnyThe Black Cross
53TBC UncategorizedThe Blockbuster Cafe
54TBC Science FictionThe Borg Collective
55TBC SocietyThe Breakfast Club
56TBC UncategorizedThe Brew Crew
57TBC InternetThe Brick Central
58TBC UncategorizedThe Brick Companies
59TBC MiscellaneousThe Brilliant Comet
60TBC UncategorizedThe Brothers Chaps
61TBC UncategorizedThe Burks Companies
62TBC Information TechnologyThe Burning Crusade
63TBC GameThe Burning Crusade
64TBC ClubsThe Butterfly Club
65TBC CriminalTheft By Check
66TBC ProductsThermal Barrier Coating
67TBC TechnologyThermal Barrier Coating
68TBC UncategorizedThermal Boundary Coating
69TBC Physical ChemistryThermal Boundary Conductance
70TBC UncategorizedThinking Believing Connecting
71TBC LocalThinking, Believing, Connecting
72TBC OncologyThiotepa, Busulfan, and Cyclophosphamide
73TBC AthleticsThomaston Biker Crew
74TBC GynaecologyThyroxine Binding Capacity
75TBC NASA - SpaceTime Base Correction
76TBC EducationalTime Base Corrector
77TBC VideographyTime Base Corrector
78TBC SignalTime Base Correctors
79TBC ManagementTime Based Competition
80TBC UncategorizedTime Based Correction
81TBC EducationalTime Before Correction
82TBC ElectronicsTime Before Correction
83TBC UncategorizedTime-Base Correction
84TBC Normal BusinessTime-Based Competitiveness
85TBC UncategorizedTissue Bonding Cystostomy
86TBC UncategorizedTo Be Calculated
87TBC US GovernmentTo Be Cancelled
88TBC EducationalTo Be Catalogued
89TBC AccountingTo Be Certified
90TBC UncategorizedTo Be Changed
91TBC CriminalTo Be Charged
92TBC UncategorizedTo Be Choosen
93TBC UncategorizedTo Be Clarified
94TBC TechnologyTo Be Clarified
95TBC BusinessTo Be Completed
96TBC Internet - ChatTo Be Confirmed
97TBC TheatreTo be confirmed
98TBC EmailTo Be Confirmed
99TBC ClothingTo be confirmed or to be continued
100TBC Normal BusinessTo Be Considered
101TBC BusinessTo Be Contested
102TBC Media CenterTo Be Continued
103TBC WritingTo be continued
104TBC TextingTo Be Continued
105TBC Information TechnologyTo Be Created
106TBC UncategorizedToilet Board Coalition
107TBC TechnologyToken-Bus Controller
108TBC JuridicalToleranced By Compromise
109TBC PharmaceuticalTonkinese Breed Club
110TBC Information TechnologyTool Bar Customization
111TBC EducationalTop Back of Curb
112TBC UncategorizedTop Body Challenge
113TBC MedicalTotal Bacterial Count
114TBC MedicalTotal Blood Cholesterol
115TBC VeterinaryTotal Blood Count
116TBC MedicalTotal Body Calcium
117TBC MedicalTotal Body Clearance
118TBC AthleticsTotal Body Condition
119TBC AthleticsTotal Body Conditioning
120TBC FitnessTotal Body Conditioning
121TBC ArmyTotal Body Confusion
122TBC AthleticsTotal Body Crunch
123TBC BankingTotal Branch Computerization
124TBC Normal BusinessTotal Building Care
125TBC UncategorizedTotal Bull Crap
126TBC MusicTouring Band Collective
127TBC BrakeTrailer Brake Control
128TBC TransportationTrailer Brake Controller
129TBC MedicalTrans Bay Cable
130TBC LocalTransforming the Bay with Christ
131TBC ForumTravel Bloggers Conference
132TBC MedicalTre-2/Bub2/Cdc16
133TBC Local - CanadianTreasury Board of Canada
134TBC MedicalTreatment-Based Classification
135TBC EducationalTree Branch Crusher
136TBC CoinsTres Bien Conserve
137TBC MedicalTributyl Citrate
138TBC BusinessTrimble Business Center
139TBC LocalTrinity Baptist Church
140TBC ChurchTrinity Baptist Church
141TBC EducationalTrinity Baptist College
142TBC EducationTrinity Baptist College
143TBC EducationalTrinity Bible College
144TBC EducationTrinity Bible College
145TBC Environmental Healthtris-(2,3-dibromopropyl) isocyanurate
146TBC MechanicalTruck Body Computer
147TBC TechnologyTruck Body Controller
148TBC SurgeryTrue Bone Ceramic
149TBC MedicalTrue Bone Ceramics
150TBC EducationalTrumbull Business College
151TBC Airport CodeTuba City Airport
152TBC PharmaceuticalTuberculosis
153TBC MedicalTuberculosis
154TBC AthleticsTucson Bicycle Classic
155TBC AthleticsTulsa Bicycle Club
156TBC MedicalTupaia Belangeri Chinensis
157TBC AirlineTurbine Air Cargo UK
158TBC Information TechnologyTurbo Builders Club
159TBC TechnologyTurbo Builders Club
160TBC Information TechnologyTurn Based Combat
161TBC GamingTurn Based Combat
162TBC Companies or OrganizationsTweedy Browne Company
163TBC NeurologyTwo-Bottle Choice
164TBC ChurchesTwynholm Baptist Church

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about TBC. If you want more information about TBC, please let me know through comments, or you can write me an email.

Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than TBC? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.



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