TDR Full Form

TDR Full Form: What Does TDR Stand For?

Here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of TDR but also get detailed information about TDR. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does TDR stand for?

TDR Full Form

The term TDR has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

TDR Full Form is –Ticket Deposit Receipt

TDR likewise has a full structure “Ticket Deposit Receipt”. In the event that an individual can’t go in a train on an excursion, it is normally recorded or advanced to guarantee a discount of the passage. There must be a suitable and proper motivation to document TDR.

TDR – Term Deposit Receipt

TDR – Time Domain Reflectometer

TDR Full Form in Bank

Term Deposit Receipt

TDR Full Form in Railway

Ticket Deposit Receipt

What Does TDR Stand For?

TDR stands for – Ticket Deposit Receipt, Term Deposit Receipt and Time Domain Reflectometer

What Does TDR Stand For in Banking?

In Banking TDR stands for – Term Deposit Receipt

All Full Forms of TDR

Below is the list of All Full Form of TDR in all category

Sr. No.TermCategoryTDR Full Form
1TDRInformation TechnologyContents of Arvid tape
2TDRUncategorizedGlobal Tropical Disease Research Program
3TDRUncategorizedTactical Data Radio
4TDRMilitaryTactical Data Recorder
5TDRUncategorizedTailoring Decisions Record
6TDRBotanyTapetum Degeneration Retardation
7TDRTechnologyTarget Discrimination Radar
8TDRArmyTask Description Report
9TDRMeteorologyTask Development Report
10TDROccupation & PositionsTasks, Duties, and Responsibilities
11TDRTaxTax Deduction Receipt
12TDRTechnologyTechnical Data Relay
13TDRPhysicsTechnical Design Report
14TDRNASA - SpaceTechnical Design Review
15TDRAircraft & AviationTechnical Dispatch Reliability
16TDRTechnologyTechnical Documentation Report
17TDRGamingTekken Dark Resurrection
18TDRTechnologyTelecommunications for Disaster Relief
19TDRTechnologyTemperature Data Records
20TDRInstrumentationTemperature Differemtial Recorder
21TDRBankingTerm Deposit Receipt
22TDRAircraft & AviationTerminal Departure Report
23TDRTechnologyTest Discrepancy Record
24TDRArmyThe Dark Riders
25TDRAthleticsThe Death Race
26TDRMedia CenterThe Dirty Rag
27TDRAirport CodeTheodore Airport
28TDRRock ClimbingThermodynamic Rubber
29TDRUncategorizedThreat Detection and Response
30TDRRailwayTicket Deposit Receipt
31TDRTechnologyTime Delay Relay
32TDREducationalTime Depth Recorder
33TDRUncategorizedTime Domain Reflection
34TDRUncategorizedTime Domain Reflectivity
35TDRTechnologyTime Domain Reflectometer
36TDRGeographyTime Domain Reflectrometry
37TDRDiveTime-Depth Recorder
38TDRInformation TechnologyTimeout Detection and Recovery
39TDRUncategorizedTimeout Detection Recovery
40TDREducationalTimmy Don't Read
41TDRUncategorizedTokyo Dawn Records
42TDRCompanies or OrganizationsTokyo Disney Resort
43TDRUncategorizedTom De Ridder
44TDRTechnologyTorque Differential Receiver
45TDRAthleticsTotal Death Race
46TDRAccountingTotal Debt Restructuring
47TDRMedicalTotal Disc Replacement
48TDRTheaterTotal Dress Rehearsal
49TDROrthopaedicTotal lumbar Disc Replacement
50TDRHealthTotally Drug-Resistant
51TDRLocal - CountriesTourism Development Register
52TDRTechnologyTracking Data Relay
53TDRAirlineTrade Air
54TDRDevelopmentTrade and Development Report
55TDRPatents & TrademarksTrademark Document Retrieval
56TDRTransactional Data Reporting Trailer Data Register
57TDRArmyTraining Device Requirement
58TDRInformation TechnologyTransaction Data Report
59TDRInformation TechnologyTransaction Data Repository
60TDRManufacturingTransfer Design Review
61TDRGovernmentTransfer Development Rights
62TDRBusinessTransfer Of Development Rights
63TDRJuridicalTransferable Development Rights
64TDRMedicalTransmitted Drug Resistance
65TDRCardiologyTransmural Dispersion of Repolarization
66TDRArmyTransportation Discrepancy Report
67TDRSurgeryTraumatic Diaphragmatic Rupture
68TDREducationTreasury Deposit Receipt
69TDRBusinessTreasury Deposit Receipts
70TDRNYSE SymbolsTricom, S A
71TDRMedicalTrigeminal Depressor Response
72TDRMedicalTropical Disease Research
73TDRTropical MedicineTropical Diseases
74TDRMedicalTropical Diseases Research
75TDRCredit UnionsTroubled Debt Restructures
76TDRToronto Stock ExchangeTudor Corporation LTD.
78TDRUncategorizedTurbo Diesel Register
79TDRUncategorizedTypographic Desk Reference

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about TDR. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than TDR? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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