TFT Full Form

TFT Full Form: What Does TFT Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of TFT is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of TFT but also get detailed information about TFT. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does TFT stand for?

TFT Full Form

The term TFT has many full forms, but out of which most relevant –

TFT Full Form is – Thin Film Transistor

TFT is a type of LCD flat-panel display screen used in liquid crystal display (LCD). But, this is an advanced version of LCD which uses an active matrix. In TFT screen each pixel is controlled by transistors to provides the best resolution compared to all flat-panel technologies, but on the other hand it is also the very expensive. It has better view angle in LCD. Now TFT is also used in smartphones.

Thin-film transistor (TFT, English thin-film transistor) is a type of field-effect transistor, in which both metal contacts and a semiconductor conduction channel are made in the form of thin films (from 1/10 to 1/100 micron).

TFT Test Full Form

TFT Test Full Form is – Thyroid function tests

TFT is a term which is used for blood tests used to check wither the patient have the right amount of thyroid hormone in their blood.

TFT Monitor Full Form

TFT Monitor Full Form is – Thin Film Transistor Display

What Does TFT Stand For?

TFT stands for – Thin Film Transistor

TFT stands for the thin-film transistor, and it is a technique used to make liquid crystal matrices and LCD displays. Such matrices are used in various types of devices: televisions, computer displays, mobile phone screens and camera viewfinders.

TFT matrix, also known as an active matrix, is operated by these thin-film transistors. Compared to a passive LCD, an active matrix has a much faster display speed, better image clarity and contrast, and a wider viewing angle. There is no screen flickering either. The active matrix pixels themselves generate the light of the desired colour, so the TFT display is brighter than the passive matrix displays.

All this is facilitated by the higher refresh rate of the image, since each point of the screen is controlled by a separate transistor. Thus, the number of transistors in TFT glass is three times the number of pixels, because one pixel consists of 3 colored cells – red, green and blue (RGB system).

What Does TFT Monitor Stand For?

TFT Monitor Stand For – Thin Film Transistor

All Full Forms of TFT

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term TFT.

Sr. No.TermCategoryTFT Full Forms
1TFTUncategorizedA Transverse Fourier Transform
2TFTTime ZoneFrench Southern and Antarctic Time
3TFTMilitaryTabular Firing Table
4TFTUncategorizedTack Free Time
5TFTMilitaryTactical Facsimile Terminal
6TFTMilitaryTactical Field Terminal
7TFTPolice ForceTactical Firearms Team
8TFTAirport CodeTaftan Airport
9TFTSurgeryTail-Flick Test
10TFTUncategorizedTarget Focus Training
11TFTOncologyTargeted Focal Therapy
12TFTTechnologyTask File Table
13TFTUncategorizedTask Force
14TFTUncategorizedTask Force against Torture
15TFTWarTask Force Talon
16TFTManagementTask Force Team
17TFTArmyTask Force Tiger
18TFTFireTask Force Tips
19TFTUncategorizedTask Force Training
20TFTUncategorizedTask Force Tripoli
21TFTNeuroscienceTask-Force Team
22TFTBusinessTax Free Threshold
23TFTOrganizationsTaylor Federation of Teachers
24TFTTaiwanTeach For Taiwan
25TFTWorkoutTeam Fitness Training
26TFTOphthalmologyTear Film Thickness
27TFTMilitaryTechnical Feasibility Test
28TFTTechnologyTechnical Feasibility Testing
29TFTTechnologyTechnical Field Test
30TFTUncategorizedTechnical Focus Team
31TFTMilitaryTechnologically Feasible Threat
34TFTEducationTechnologies for Training
35TFTUncategorizedTechnology Focus Teams
36TFTUncategorizedTechnology for Teaching
37TFTUncategorizedTechnology For Textiles
38TFTUncategorizedTechnology Fosters Tradition
39TFTPharmaceuticalTectonic Fallopian Tunnel
40TFTUncategorizedTele-FIND Technologies
41TFTUncategorizedtemplates Flash templates
42TFTUncategorizedTemporary Fixed Term
43TFTTechnologyTemporary Full Time
44TFTUncategorizedTen Foot Toss
45TFTUncategorizedTennesseans for Fair Taxation
46TFTDisplayTension Fit Trainer
47TFTIranTerror Free Tomorrow
48TFTUncategorizedTerrorist Finance Team
49TFTUncategorizedTest Fix Test
50TFTUncategorizedTexans for Truth
51TFTOrganizationsTexas Federation of Teachers
52TFTUncategorizedThai Flight Training
53TFTAirlineThai Flying Service
54TFTUncategorizedThalassemia Federation of Turkey
55TFTThanks for ThatThanks for That
56TFTIndonesiaThanks For Today
57TFTForumThanks for trying
58TFTGamingThe Fantasy Trip
59TFTUncategorizedthe Federal Trade
60TFTUncategorizedThe Fellow Traveller
61TFTUncategorizedThe Finishing Touch
62TFTAndroidThe Fiscal Times
63TFTUncategorizedthe Flash Team
64TFTUncategorizedThe Font Thing
65TFTUncategorizedThe Food Trust
66TFTGovernmentThe Footpath Trust
67TFTLocal - CountriesThe Forest Trust
68TFTUncategorizedThe Forgotten Tales
69TFTUncategorizedThe Fourth Turning
70TFTUncategorizedthe Franchise Tax
71TFTPalestineThe Freedom Theatre
72TFTInformation TechnologyThe Friday Thing
73TFTUncategorizedThe Friday Times
74TFTMedia CenterThe Frozen Throne
75TFTUncategorizedThe Frustrated Teacher
76TFTUncategorizedthe Fur Trade
77TFTUncategorizedThe Furry Triangles
78TFTUncategorizedTheatre Film and Television
79TFTUncategorizedTheory For Turntables
80TFTDisplayThere are four types
81TFTUncategorizedThermal Field Theory
82TFTScienceThermodynamic Field Theory
83TFTUncategorizedThermo-Fluids for Transport
84TFTDisplayThick Film Transistor
85TFTProductsThin Film Technology
86TFTUncategorizedThin Film Thermocouples
87TFTUncategorizedThin Film Thickness
88TFTMonitorThin Film Transfer
89TFTTechnologyThin Film Transistor
91TFTMedia CenterThird Floor Theater
92TFTUncategorizedThought Field
93TFTPsychologyThought Field Therapy
94TFTUncategorizedThreat Free Tunnelling
95TFTBiochemistryThree-Finger Toxin
96TFTMedicalThrombus Formation Time
97TFTMonkThunder Focus Tea
98TFTPharmaceuticalThyroid Function Test
99TFTMilitaryTime Flexible Training
100TFTUncategorizedTime Flight Tracking
101TFTUncategorizedTime for Tea
102TFTArmyTime From Transmission
103TFTNeurologyTimed Function Tests
104TFTPsychophysiologyTime-Frequency Transform
105TFTUncategorizedTin Film Transistor
106TFTUncategorizedTofu Fried Tofu
107TFTUncategorizedTogether for Tomorrow
108TFTUncategorizedTogether for Trillium
109TFTUncategorizedTomorrows Future Today
110TFTDogToy Fox Terrier
111TFTOrganizationsToys for Tots
112TFTCompanies or OrganizationsToys For Trucks
113TFTStock MarketTrade for Trade
114TFTTechnologyTraffic Flow Template
115TFTUncategorizedTransference-Focused Therapy
116TFTTechnologyTransmission Fluid Temp
117TFTAutomotiveTransmission Fluid Temperature
118TFTUncategorizedTrivial File Transfer
119TFTBiologyTrojan Female Technique
120TFTForestryTropical Forest Trust
121TFTInformation TechnologyTry Fixing This
122TFTMilitaryTuning Fork Test
123TFTInformation TechnologyTurbine Fuel Technologies
124TFTEducationalTurbulent Flow Technology

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about TFT. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than TFT? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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