TMT Full Form

TMT Full Form: What Does TMT Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of TMT is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of TMT but also get detailed information about TMT. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does TMT stand for?

TMT Full Form

The term TMT has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

TMT Full Form is – Thermo Mechanical Treatment or Thermo Mechanical Treated

Thermo-mechanical treatment is a simultaneous utility to steel that features heating and cooling. Enhancing properties in metal by refining its microstructure. This heating approach is known as scorching rolling. On this course of giant quantities of metal could be dealt with. Massive volumes of metal corresponding to 50 tons could be processed for automation management within the steady casting section. The temperature within the rolling mill is used between 1200 – 1300 ° C for sequencing.

Steel comes with excessive energy and suppleness for thermo mechanical therapy. The steel ferrite adjustments to perlite construction i.e. the outer core turns into stronger and stays gentle inside.

TMT Bar Full Form

TMT Bar Full Form is – Thermo-Mechanically Treated Bar

TMT Test Full Form

TMT Test Full Form is – Thermo Mechanical Treatment

TMT Steel Full Form

TMT Steel Full Form is – Thermo Mechanical Treated Steel

TMT Full Form in Medical

TMT Full Form in Medical is – Treadmill Test

TMT Test measures the blood circulation (or blood pressure) inside the human body, when he/she walks/runs on a treadmill.

What Does TMT Stand For?

TMT stands for – Thermo Mechanical Treatment

All Full Forms of TMT

Now, here is the list of All Full Form of TMT.

Sr. No.TermCategoryTMT Full Forms
1TMT Airport CodePorto Trombetas Airport
2TMT Militarytactical marine terminal
3TMT MilitaryTactical Mechanical Tourniquet
4TMT UncategorizedTactical Medical Technician
5TMT UncategorizedTactical Mission Trainer
6TMT UncategorizedTactical Movement Team
7TMT ProgramTailor Made Training
8TMT ShipTaiwan Maritime Transportation
9TMT ElectronicsTaiwan Memory Technology
10TMT UncategorizedTaj Mahal Trading
11TMT TransportationTake Me There
12TMT UncategorizedTake Me Too
13TMT OrthopaedicTalo-first Metatarsal
14TMT UncategorizedTamil Movie Tracker
15TMT MedicalTandem Mass Spectrometry
16TMT TechnologyTandem Mass Tag
17TMT ScienceTandem Mass Tagging
18TMT MassTandem Mass Tags
19TMT UncategorizedTango Motor Transit
20TMT MilitaryTanker Mooring Terminal
21TMT CompanyTapping Measuring Technology
22TMT MilitaryTarget Marking Technologies
23TMT OncologyTargeted Molecular Therapy
24TMT PharmacyTargeted Multi-Therapy
25TMT UncategorizedTask Management Tool
26TMT Internet - ChatTasteless Masturbatory Threads
27TMT ChemistryTat-Mediated Transactivation
28TMT GermanyTaurus Meat Trading
29TMT TaxTax Motivated Transaction
30TMT UncategorizedTaylor Made Training
31TMT UncategorizedTaylor Made Treasures
34TMT UncategorizedTeaching Mathematical Thinking
35TMT AustraliaTeam Member Training
36TMT UncategorizedTech, Media, Telecoms
37TMT ManagementTechnical Management Team
38TMT ManagerTechnology Management Team
39TMT ManagementTechnology Management Training
40TMT IndustrialTechnology Media & Telecommunications
41TMT CompanyTechnology Media and Telecom
42TMT SectorTechnology media and telecoms
43TMT ServiceTechnology Media Telecom
44TMT PredictionTechnology Media Telecommunications
45TMT EducationTechnology, Materials and Training Grant
46TMT BusinessTechnology, Media and Telecom
47TMT Media CenterTechnology, Media, and Telecommunications
48TMT UncategorizedTeesside Municipal Transport
49TMT Information TechnologyTelco Media and Technology
50TMT UncategorizedTelecom Media & Technology
51TMT TechnologyTelecom Media And Technology
52TMT BusinessTelecom Media Technology
53TMT UncategorizedTelecommunications Mask Testing
54TMT UncategorizedTen Meter Telescope
55TMT UncategorizedTen Minute Takeaway
56TMT TaxTentative Minimum Tax
57TMT MedicalTerror Management Theory
58TMT Information TechnologyTexas Multicore Technologies
59TMT MumbaiThane Municipal Transport
60TMT UncategorizedThe Manny Team
61TMT Companies or OrganizationsThe Master Trunks
62TMT UncategorizedThe Mobile Terminal
63TMT UncategorizedThe Money Team
64TMT Information TechnologyThermal Morph Technology
65TMT EducationalThermo - Mechanical Treatment
66TMT Civil EngineeringThermo Mechanical Treatment
67TMT ManufacturingThermo mechanically treated
68TMT Academic & ScienceThermo-Mechanical Treatment
69TMT IndianThird Millenium Technologies
70TMT ObservationThirty Meter Telescope
71TMT Science FictionTime Machine Travel
72TMT USATon Miles of Travel
73TMT AthleticsToo Much Tackle
74TMT ConceptToo Much Tuna
75TMT ManagementTop Management Team
76TMT Local - CountriesTopic Modeling Toolbox
77TMT UncategorizedTotal Marine Transport
78TMT NeurologyTotal Movement Time
79TMT UncategorizedTracking Mobile Target
80TMT MilitaryTrade Management Training
81TMT PoliticsTraffic Management Team
82TMT AthleticsTrail Making Test
83TMT Local - RailwayTrailer Marine Transport Corporation
84TMT Local - RailwayTrailer Marine Transportation Corporation
85TMT MedicalTrail-making test
86TMT ArmyTrainer Management Team
87TMT PoliticsTraining Management Team
88TMT AirlineTrans Midwest Airlines
89TMT Weather ForecastTransmit
91TMT ArmyTransportation Motor Transport
92TMT ArmyTransportation Movement Team
93TMT PsychiatryTrauma Management Therapy
94TMT MedicalTreadmill Test
95TMT GovernmentTree Management Tool
96TMT MedicalTrial Making Test
97TMT EducationalTruancy Mediation Team
98TMT PharmaceuticalTrust Management Team
99TMT MusicTshwane music tutors
100TMT CurrencyTurkmenistan New Manat
101TMT Time ZoneTurkmenistan Time
102TMT NeurologyTympanic Membrane Temperature

Final Words:

So, friends, I hope you get what you want to know about TMT. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than TMT? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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