UGC Full Form

UGC Full Form

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UGC Full Form

The term UGC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant UGC Full Form is –

UGC – University Grants Commission of India

What Does UGC Stands For?

UGC stands for – University Grants Commission of India

What is UGC Meaning

The term UGC was used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of UGC is – University Grants Commission of India

All Full Forms of UGC

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Sr. No.TermCategoryUGC Full Forms
1UGC Universal Communications Group Australia, Business, Broadband
2UGC Unicredit Group Banking
3UGC Uganda Clinical Guidelines Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Medical
4UGC Ultra Console Game Board Game
5UGC EducationalCanadian Geophysical Union
6UGC Ultrasonic Cardiogram Cardiology, Medical
7UGC Ultra-coarse-grained Chemistry, Medical
8UGC United Christian Giving Church
9UGC United Church of God Church, Kingdom, Bible
10UGC Universal Commerce Group Commerce, Government
11UGC Unified Communications Group Communication, Microsoft, Group
12UGC United Communication Group Company, Business, Hosting
13UGC Urine Chorionic Gonadotropin Diagnosis, Medical
14UGC Universidad Casa Grande Ecuador, Education, Para
15UGC Underground Coal Gasification Engineering, Medical, Coal
16UGC Underground Compressed Gas Geology, Science
17UGC United Communications Group Hosting, Technology, Server
18UGC University College Galway Ireland, Education, Language
19UGC United Cement Group Kazakhstan, Technology, Economics
20UGC United Cabbies Group London, Business, Taxi
21UGC Ultrasonic cardiogram Medical
22UGC Urinary Chorionic Gonadotropin Medical, Dentistry, Technology
23UGC Ultrasonic Cardiography Medical, Medicine, Health
24UGC Urethrocystography Medical, Surgery, Gynaecology
25UGC Unit Cost Goals Military
26UGC Universal Communications Gateway Military, Army, Defence
27UGC Usual Care Group Nursing, Medical
28UGC Ultra-Centrifugal Grinder Nutrition, Medical
29UGC Ultimate Coffeeshop Guide Organization, Institution, Union
30UGC United Computer Group Software, Business, Management
31UGC Unified Coordination Group Transportation, Conveyance, Shipping
32UGC UncategorizedUber Good Club
33UGC UncategorizedUganda Golf Club
34UGC UncategorizedUgly Green Chair
35UGC AthleticsUkiah Gun Club
36UGC UncategorizedUkrainian Grain Congress
37UGC CodingUltimate Game Card
38UGC UncategorizedUltimate Game Cards
39UGC AthleticsUltimate Gamers Society
40UGC UncategorizedUltimate Generation Combat
41UGC UncategorizedUltimate Genesis Collection
42UGC UncategorizedUltimate Gladiator Championship
43UGC UncategorizedUltimate Grapplers Challenge
44UGC VikingUltimate Grip Concept
45UGC FoodUltra Glucose Control
46UGC CouncilUltrasound Guidelines Council
47UGC TechnicianUltrasound Guidelines Council
48UGC CardiologyUltrasound-Guided Compression
49UGC UncategorizedUmar Group of Companies
50UGC ForumUnbreakable Gaming Community
51UGC SocietyUnbreakable Gaming Society
52UGC UncategorizedUnder Ground Cable
53UGC Normal BusinessUnderGround Communications
54UGC UncategorizedUnder-Ground Complex
55UGC MusicUnderGround Crew
56UGC UniversityUnified Greek Council
57UGC UnionsUnion Des Grands Crus
58UGC SteelUnion Galvasteel Corporation
59UGC ProgramUnion Graduate College
60UGC UniversityUnion Grant Commission
61UGC UniversityUnion Grants Commission
62UGC UncategorizedUnion Group of Companies
63UGC CompanyUnipart Group of Companies
64UGC UncategorizedUnique Game Conjecture
65UGC GamingUnique Games Conjecture
66UGC Science FictionUnited Galactic Commonwealth
67UGC AthleticsUnited Gamers Coalition
68UGC AthleticsUnited Gaming Clan
69UGC Information TechnologyUnited Gaming Clans
70UGC GamingUnited Gaming Community
71UGC SocietyUnited Gaming Society
72UGC Companies or OrganizationsUnited Glass Corporation
73UGC CouncilUnited Greek Council
74UGC PoliticsUniversal Generic Code
75UGC UncategorizedUniversal Geographic Code
76UGC WeatherUniversal Geographic Code
77UGC UncategorizedUniversidad La Gran Colombia
78UGC EducationalUniversity Governance Council
79UGC CommissionsUniversity Grant Commission
80UGC SocietyUniversity Grant Commission
81UGC EducationUniversity Grants Commision
82UGC EducationalUniversity Grants Commission
83UGC TechnologyUniversity Grants Commission
84UGC Academic & ScienceUniversity Grants Committee
85UGC EducationUniversity Grants Committee
86UGC Information TechnologyUnix Games Composer
87UGC SurgeryUnsuspected Gallbladder Carcinoma
88UGC EducationalUpper Gulf of California
89UGC GeologyUpper Gulf of California
90UGC AstronomyUppsala General Catalog
91UGC Normal BusinessUppsala General Catalogue
92UGC ScienceUppsala General Catalogue
93UGC EducationalUpsala General Catalog
94UGC AirlineUrgemer Canarias
95UGC Airport CodeUrgench International Airport
96UGC Local - Airport CodesUrgenchl, Uzbekistan
97UGC FunnyUrine Good Company
98UGC UncategorizedUSA Genesis Cover
99UGC MarketingUser Generate Content
100UGC ChurchesUser Generated Church
101UGC Media CenterUser Generated Content
102UGC TechnologyUser Generated Content
103UGC MarketingUser-Generated Content
104UGC GeographyUtility Graphics Consultants
105UGC Ultimate Card Games
106UGC Underground Coal Gassification
107UGC Unified Command Group
108UGC Unified Consultants Group
109UGC Union Capital Group
110UGC Union Consulting Group
111UGC Union of Citizens of Georgia
112UGC Unique Communications Group
113UGC Unit Citation for Gallantry
114UGC United Capital Group
115UGC United Carpets Group
116UGC United Church of Gainesville
117UGC United Consultants Group
118UGC United Consulting Group
119UGC United Cotton Growers
120UGC Universal Church of God
121UGC Universal Citation Guide
122UGC Universal Classics Group
123UGC Universal Command Guide
124UGC Universal Command Group
125UGC Universal Combat Gold
126UGC Universal Consulting Group
127UGC Universal Convergence Gateway
128UGC Universal Cryo Gas

UGC – University Grants Commission of India

A statutory physique, UGC (University Grants Commission of India) is established by the Authorities of India following the UGC Act 1956 below the Ministry of Training. It is chargeable for the coordination, dedication and upkeep of requirements of upper schooling. It gives recognition to universities in India and disburses funds to such acknowledged universities and schools. Without its recognition, no college in India can award levels. It’s headquartered in New Delhi and has six regional facilities in Pune, Kolkata, Bhopal, Guwahati, Hyderabad and Bangalore. The proposal to exchange it with one other new regulatory physique known as HECI is into account of the Authorities of India.
The UGC is modelled after the College Grants Committee of the U.K., which was an advisory committee of the British Authorities and suggested on the distribution of grants between British universities. The committee existed from 1919 to 1989.

Historical past of UGC in Hindi
The UGC was first shaped in 1945 to supervise the work of three central universities in Banaras, Aligarh and Delhi. In 1947 its accountability was prolonged to cowl all Indian universities.
In August 1949 a suggestion was made to reorganize with the UGC just like the College Grants Committee of the U.K. The College Training Fee made this suggestion of 1948–1949, which S.N. Was established in chairmanship of Radhakrishnan. In 1952, the federal government determined that each one grant to universities and better academic establishments ought to be dealt with by the UGC. Subsequently, an inauguration was held on 28 December 1953 by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Minister of Training, Pure Sources and Scientific Analysis.
In November 1956 the UGC turned a statutory physique with the passage of the “College Grants Fee Act, 1956” of the Indian Parliament.

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