RIP Full Form

RIP Full Form

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RIP Full Form

The term RIP has many full forms, but out of which most relevant RIP Full Form is –

RIP – Rest in Peace

What Does RIP Stands For?

RIP stands for – Rest in Peace

What is RIP Meaning

The term RIP was used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of RIP is – Rest in Peace

When someone dies, then people often says that: May his soul rest in peace.

“R.I.P.”  is known for Rest in peace, this phrase used to honor someone who has died.

All Full Forms of RIP

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term RIP.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryRIP Full Forms
1RIPInformation TechnologyQuincy Program crash report
2RIPUncategorizedRace In Peace
3RIPChemistryRadiation-damage-Induced Phasing
4RIPAmmoRadically Invasive Projectile
5RIPUncategorizedRadio Interface Processor
6RIPMedicalRadiocaesium Interception Potential
7RIPNuclear MedicineRadioimmunoprecipitationassay
8RIPMedicalRaised Inter cranial Pressure
9RIPMedicalRaised Intracranial Pressure
10RIPTechnologyRandom Index Pack
11RIPUncategorizedRandom Inspired Poetry
12RIPFunnyRandomly Insulting People
13RIPUncategorizedRanger Indoctrination Program
14RIPScoutingRanger International Performance
15RIPUncategorizedRap In Pride
16RIPMedicalRaphe Interpositus
17RIPInformation TechnologyRapid Implementation Plan
18RIPPharmaceuticalRas Interacting Protein
19RIPInformation TechnologyRaster Image Process
20RIPTechnologyRaster Image Process
21RIPInformation TechnologyRaster Image Processing
22RIPGeographyRaster Image Processing
23RIPInformation TechnologyRaster Image Processor
24RIPComputingRaster Image Processor
25RIPSoftwareRaster Image Processors
26RIPUncategorizedRastor Image Processing
27RIPUncategorizedRat Ice Pick
28RIPMedicalRat Insulin Promoter
29RIPUncategorizedRaw Impact per Paper
30RIPProductsRaw In Process
31RIPBankingRe Investment Plan
32RIPHealthREACH Implementation Project
33RIPChemistryReactant Ion Peak
34RIPUncategorizedRead Interpolate Plot
35RIPEducationalRead, Interpolate, and Plot
36RIPElectronicsRead, Interpolate, and Plot
37RIPEducationalRead, Interpolate, Plot
38RIPUncategorizedReading Improvement Program
39RIPUncategorizedReading Incentive Program
40RIPFunnyReal Intense People
41RIPFunnyReality Isn't Perfect
42RIPMiscellaneousReally Ignorant Person / People
43RIPUncategorizedReally Imperial Propaganda
44RIPAssociationsReally Important Person
45RIPUncategorizedReally Inspiring People
46RIPFunnyReally Into Partying
47RIPTechnologyReceiving inspection plan
48RIPProteinReceptor Interacting Protein
49RIPMedicalReceptor-Interacting Protein
50RIPUncategorizedRecherches Investigations Paranormal
51RIPComputer SecurityRecognised Information Picture
52RIPImmunodeficiencyRecombinant Identification Program
53RIPInformation TechnologyReconstituted Information Protocol
54RIPRecordingRecording In Progress
55RIPUncategorizedRecovery Implementation Plan
56RIPUncategorizedRecovery Is Possible
57RIPLinuxRecovery Is Possible
58RIPOccupation & PositionsRecreation Internship Program
59RIPFunnyRectuum Invited Party
60RIPCigaretteReduced Ignition Propensity
61RIPMovieReel Important People
62RIPMedicalReflex Inhibiting Patterning
63RIPMedicalReflex Inhibiting Posture
64RIPAfricaRegional Indicative Programme
65RIPUncategorizedRegional Infrastructure Plan
67RIPCybersecurityRegulated Interaction Protocol
68RIPMedicalRegulated Intramembrane Proteolysis
69RIPPowerRegulation of Investigatory Powers
70RIPEnvironmentRemedy Implementation Plan
71RIPInformation TechnologyRemote Imaging Protocol
72RIPComputingRemote Imaging Protocol
73RIPGeneticRepeat-Induced Point
74RIPMedicalReproductive Immunophynotype
75RIPMedicalRespiratory Inductive Plethysmography
76RIPMusicRest in Paradise
77RIPTextingRest In Peace
78RIPPropertyRestricted Isometry Property
79RIPMissReturn If Possible
80RIPBiochemistryRibosome-Inactivating Protein
81RIPOncologyRNA Immunoprecipitation
82RIPUncategorizedRock In Perpetuity
83RIPTechnologyRouter Information Protocol
84RIPTechnologyRouting Information Protocol
85RIPHealthRural Incentives Program

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