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CSEC Full Form

CSEC Full Form

Dear Friends, are you want to know what is CSEC full form is? If so, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of CSEC, but also get detailed information about CSEC.

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CSEC Full Form

The term CSEC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

CSEC Full Form is – Caribbean Secondary Education Certification

CSEC – Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

What Does CSEC Stands For?

CSEC stands for – Caribbean Secondary Education Certification and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

All Full Forms of CSEC

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term CSEC.

Sr. No.TermCategoryCSEC Full Form
1CSECUncategorizedCalgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation
2CSECUncategorizedCalifornia Science Education Conference
3CSECVoluntary OrganizationCalifornia Self Esteem Conference
4CSECNon-profit OrganizationCalifornia Self Esteem Conference
5CSECEducationalCampus Student Election Commission
6CSECUncategorizedCarbon Service and Equipment Company
7CSECEducationalCaribbean Secondary Education Certificate
8CSECExaminationCaribbean Secondary Education Certificate
9CSECExaminationCaribbean Secondary Education Certification
10CSECEducationCaribbean Secondary Examination Certificate
11CSECAlkalineCaribbean Secondary Examination Council
12CSECEducationCaribbean Secondary Examinations Certificate
13CSECSchoolCaribbean Secondary Examinations Council
14CSECUncategorizedCarver-Scott Educational Cooperative
15CSECSocietyCatholic Strengths and Engagement Society
16CSECUncategorizedCenter for the Study of Early Christianity
17CSECUncategorizedCentre for Science at Extreme Conditions
18CSECUniversityCentre for Science Education and Communication
19CSECUncategorizedCentre for Structural Engineering and Construction
20CSECScienceCentre for the Study of Environmental Change
21CSECScienceCentre for the Study of Environmental Change University of Lancaster
22CSECUncategorizedCentre for the Study of Ethnicity and Culture
23CSECUncategorizedChesapeake Safe Energy Coalition
24CSECClubsChicago Sunday Evening Club
25CSECUncategorizedChild Safety Education Coalition
26CSECLocal StatesChild Support Enforcement Council
27CSECChinaChina Shenhua Energy Company
28CSECUncategorizedChristian Science Endtime Center
29CSECUncategorizedCivil Service Employees Council
30CSECEducationalCivil Society Education Coalition
31CSECMalawiCivil Society Education Coalition
34CSECUncategorizedCivil Society Elections Coalition
35CSECPoliticsCivil Society Empowerment Centre
36CSECPoliticsCivil Society Empowerment Centre
37CSECUncategorizedClark Social Entrepreneurship Club
38CSECUncategorizedClassified School Employees Council
39CSECUncategorizedClassified Staff Executive Committee
40CSECUncategorizedClean and Safe Energy Coalition
41CSECEducationClinical Skills Evaluation Center
42CSECUncategorizedClinical Skills Evaluation Centers
43CSECPharmaceuticalClinical Skills Evaluation Collaboration
44CSECEducationClinical Skills Evaluation Collaboration
45CSECUncategorizedClinical Staff Executive Committee
46CSECPharmaceuticalClinical Study Evaluation Committee
47CSECUncategorizedCollege Sector Educators Community
48CSECEducationalColorado Springs Early Colleges
49CSECDevelopmentColorado Springs Early Colleges
50CSECUncategorizedCombat Sexual Exploitation of Children
51CSECTraffickingCommercial and Sexual Exploitation of Children
52CSECJuridicalCommercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
53CSECUncategorizedCommercially Sexually Exploited Children
54CSECChildrenCommercially Sexually Exploited Children
55CSECUncategorizedCommission on State Emergency Communication
56CSECCommissionsCommission on State Emergency Communications
57CSECTexasCommission on State Emergency Communications
58CSECItalianCommissione della Scienza, dell'Educazione e della Cultura
59CSECUncategorizedCommittee for Science, Education and Culture
60CSECMilitaryCommon Software Executive Council
61CSECUncategorizedCommunication Security Establishment Canada
62CSECCanadaCommunication Security Establishment of Canada
63CSECUncategorizedCommunications Security
64CSECArmyCommunications Security Establishment Canada
65CSECArmyCommunications Security Establishment Canada
66CSECUncategorizedCommunications Security Establishment Commissioner
67CSECUncategorizedCommunications Security Establishment CSE
68CSECCanadaCommunications Security Establishment of Canada
69CSECEnergyComprehensive Sustainable Energy Committee
70CSECEnergyComprehensive Sustainable Energy Committee
71CSECSocietyComputer Science Engineers Society
72CSECComputingComputerized Self Evaluation Checklist
73CSECNavyComputerized Self Evaluation Checklist
74CSECEducationalComputerized Self-Evaluation Checklist
75CSECDevelopmentComputerized Self-Evaluation Checklist
76CSECVoluntary OrganizationConnecticut State Employees Campaign
77CSECEmploymentConnecticut State Employees' Campaign
78CSECConstructionConstruction Science and Engineering Center
79CSECTaxCooperative and Small Employer Charity
80CSECPharmaceuticalCorporate Specialist Education Committee
81CSECEducationalCrary Science and Engineering Center
82CSECScienceCrary Science and Engineering Center
83CSECCompanies or OrganizationsCustomer Service Excellence Corporation
84CSECEducationalCyber Security Education Consortium
85CSECTechnologyCyber Security Education Consortium

CSEC – Caribbean Secondary Education Certification

The Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate is for the secondary school level. This assessment denotes the finish of optional level instruction in Commonwealth Caribbean nations. The test assesses and takes an interest in an understudy’s scholarly accomplishment after auxiliary training.

CSEC is the testament that understudies get in the wake of finishing their 5 years of auxiliary instruction in the Caribbean.

CSEC – Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

CSEC (Business sexual Exploitation of Children) is a business exchange including sexual abuse of a kid, for example, prostitution of kids, kid erotic entertainment, including live streaming sexual maltreatment, and (regularly identified with) the deal and dealing of kids. CSEC can incorporate intimidation and brutality against youngsters, monetary misuse, constrained work, contemporary subjugation.

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