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DMS Full Form

DMS Full Form

Dear Friends, are you looking for DMS full form? If so, here you will get the all possible Full Form of DMS as well as detailed information about DMS.

Along with this, you will also know the Meaning of DMS here.

You can find all the information about the acronym of DMS or abbreviation of DMS related to all terminology. So let’s find out all possible DMS Full Form here.

DMS Full Form

The term DMS has many full form, but out of which most relevant DMS Full Form is –

DMS – Document Management System

DMS Chennai Full Form


It is metro station name in Chennai, India. This name is given because the two offices of Accountant General’s (AG) Office and Directorate of Medical and Rural Health Services (DMS) is in the vicinity.

DMS Shoes Full Form

Directly Moulded Sole Boots

DMS shoes are made with the process of Rubber Vulcanisation and they are mostly used by Police, Army and Para Military Forces.

DMS Full Form in Medical

Doctor of Medical Science

What Does DMS Stands For?

DMS stands for – Document Management System

What is DMS Meaning

The term DMS has many meaning, but the most relevant meaning of DMS is – Document Management System

All Full Forms of DMS

Here is the complete Full Form list of the term DMS.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryDMS Full Form
1DMSScience FictionDa Master Starcraft
2DMSCompanies or OrganizationsDahmen, Miccheli, and Seidel
3DMSAllergyDaily Medication Score
4DMSEducationalDanish Pharmaceutical
5DMSEducationalDansk Medicinsk Selskab
6DMSUncategorizedDao Ming Si
7DMSEducationDartmouth Medical School
8DMSSchoolsDartmouth Middle School
9DMSMedicalDartmouth Pharmaceutical
10DMSManagementData Management as
11DMSNormal BusinessData Management Service
12DMSComputingData Management Software
13DMSManagementData Management Subsystem
14DMSInformation TechnologyData Management System
15DMSComputingData Management System
16DMSUncategorizedData Migration Server
17DMSInformation TechnologyData Migration Service
18DMSInformation TechnologyDatabase Managed Storage
19DMSInformation TechnologyDatabase Management System
20DMSInformation TechnologyDatabase Migration Service
21DMSTechnologyDatabase Migration Service
22DMSInformation TechnologyDatabase Modelling System
23DMSManagementDealer Management Solutions
24DMSManagementDealer Management System
25DMSAutomotiveDealer Management System
26DMSUncategorizedDealer Mentioned Solutions
27DMSAircraft & AviationDebris Monitoring System
28DMSGovernmentDebt Management Services
29DMSCriminalDebt Management System
30DMSNASA - SpaceDeep Multicolor Survey
31DMSUncategorizedDeep Muscle Stimulator
34DMSInformation TechnologyDefault Menu System
35DMSTechnicalDefected Microstrip Structure
36DMSMedicalDefence Medical Services
37DMSMedicalDefence Pharmaceutical
38DMSUS GovernmentDefense Mapping School
39DMSGovernmentDefense Mapping School
40DMSArmyDefense Message System
41DMSMilitaryDefense Message System
42DMSUncategorizedDefense Messaging System
43DMSTechnologyDefense Messaging System
44DMSArmyDefense Meteorological System
45DMSMirrorDeformable Mirrors
46DMSUncategorizedDegrees Minutes Seconds
47DMSUnit MeasuresDegrees, Minutes, and Seconds
48DMSMedicalDelayed Matching-to-Sample
49DMSSchoolsDelia Memorial School
50DMSInformation TechnologyDell Movie Studio
51DMSUncategorizedDemarcation Membrane System
52DMSMedicalDemarcation Membrane System
53DMSArmyDemobilization Station
54DMSUncategorizedDemonstrative Mass Spectrometer
55DMSJuridicalDenied Mandatory Supervision
56DMSCompanies or OrganizationsDenman Mechanical Solutions
57DMSUncategorizedDepartment for Medicaid Services
58DMSManagementDepartment of Management Services
59DMSAcademic & ScienceDepartment of Mathematical Sciences
60DMSEducationalDepartment of Media Study
61DMSWW1Deputy Military Secretary
62DMSPharmaceuticalDerma-Membrane Structure
64DMSManagementDesignee Management System
66DMSTourismDestination Management System
67DMSShipping & SailingDestroyer Minesweeper
68DMSEducationalDetail Mark Sheet
69DMSNormal BusinessDetailed Measurement Survey
70DMSUncategorizedDetailed MEQ Station
71DMSCriminalDetainee Management System
72DMSManufacturingDetroit Manufacturing Systems
73DMSInformation TechnologyDeutsche Malaga Syntax
74DMSManagementDevice Management Software
76DMSSonographyDiagnostic Medical Sonography
77DMSPharmaceuticalDiagnostic Pharmaceutical
78DMSNephrologyDialysis Malnutrition Score
79DMSPharmaceuticalDiastatic Malt Syrup
80DMSBrewingDiastatic Malt Syrup
81DMSManagementdicated Management Services
82DMSUncategorizedDie Mold Services
83DMSChemistryDifferential Mobility Spectrometry
84DMSUncategorizedDifferentiated Monitoring and Support
85DMSMedicalDiffuse Mesangial Sclerosis
86DMSEducationalDig More Stones
87DMSAdvertisingDigi Market Services
88DMSUncategorizedDigital Mapping System
89DMSMusicDigital Master Series
91DMSNASA - SpaceDigital Matrix Switch
92DMSUncategorizedDigital Matrix Systems
93DMSTechnologyDigital Media Server
94DMSUncategorizedDigital Media Solutions
95DMSInformation TechnologyDigital Media Station
96DMSInformation TechnologyDigital Media Storage
97DMSUncategorizedDigital Media Studio
98DMSForumDigital Media Summit
99DMSInformation TechnologyDigital Media System
100DMSArmyDigital Message Switch
101DMSUncategorizedDigital Messaging Service
102DMSInternet SlangDigital Multiplex Switch
103DMSInformation TechnologyDigital Multiplex System
104DMSEducationalDigital Multiplexing Switch
105DMSMedia CenterDigital Music Station
106DMSMusicDigital Music Subscription
107DMSEducationalDilute Magnetic Semiconductor
108DMSUncategorizedDiluted Magnetic Semiconductor
109DMSTechnologyDiluted Magnetic Semiconductor
110DMSMedicalDimercaptosuccinic Acid
111DMSMedicalDimethyl Suberimidate
112DMSEducationalDiMethyl Sulfide
113DMSHomebrewingDiMethyl Sulfide
114DMSBeerDi-Methyl Sulfide
115DMSClimate ChangeDimethyl Sulphide
118DMSOrganic ChemistryDimethylsulphide
119DMSArmyDiminishing Manufacturing Sources
120DMSTechnologyDiminishing Manufacturing Sources
121DMSEducationalDiploma in Management Studies
122DMSMessageDirect Messages
123DMSMusicDirect Music Service
124DMSMilitaryDirector Medical Services
125DMSArmyDirector of Army Support
126DMSNew ZealandDirector of Medical Services
127DMSArmyDirector of Mission Support
128DMSArmyDirector Pharmaceutical
129DMSConceptDirty Money Syndicate
130DMSSchoolsDiscovery Middle School
131DMSLocalDiscovery Montessori School
132DMSChurchDiscovery Montessori School
133DMSFunnyDisk Masher System
134DMSLocal - CountriesDiskMasher Compressed Amiga file archive
135DMSPoliticsDispatch Messaging System
136DMSInformation TechnologyDisplay Manager System
137DMSBankingDispute Management System
138DMSMedicalDistant Metastases
139DMSAwardDistinguished Military Student
140DMSInformation TechnologyDistributed Make System
141DMSEducationalDistributed Matrix Structures
142DMSEducationalDistributed Monomial System
143DMSInformation TechnologyDistribution Management System
144DMSAutomotiveDistributor Modulator System
145DMSUncategorizedDiversified Machine Systems
146DMSCompanies or OrganizationsDiversified Management Services
147DMSAcademic & ScienceDivision of Mathematical Sciences
148DMSGovernmentDivision of Mathematical Sciences
149DMSEducationalDivision of Mathematical Sciences (NSF)
150DMSUncategorizedDivision of Measurement Standards
151DMSUncategorizedDivision of Medicaid Services
152DMSCareDivision of Medical Services
153DMSEducationalDivision of Pharmaceutical
154DMSPharmaceuticalDNA Molecular Screening
155DMSFamous & CelebsDoc Martens
156DMSFunnyDoc Martens Skinheads
157DMSNASA - SpaceDocking Mechanism System
158DMSNASA - SpaceDocking Module Sub-system
159DMSInformation TechnologyDockit Migrator for SharePoint
160DMSInformation TechnologyDocument Management Software
161DMSInformation TechnologyDocument Management System
162DMSTechnologyDocument Management System
163DMSManagementDocument Management Systems
164DMSTechnologyDocument Management Systems
165DMSUncategorizedDocument Managing System
166DMSArmyDocumentation Management System
167DMSStandardisationDomestic Mustard Seed
168DMSArmyDon't Mean Squat
169DMSNeurologyDorsomedial Striatum
170DMSAircraftDrawing Management System
171DMSPsychologyDrive for Muscularity Scale
172DMSDrivingDriver Monitoring System
173DMSTransportationDriving Motor Second gear
174DMSMusicDude Man Sound
175DMSSchoolsDundee Middle School
176DMSSchoolsDunlap Middle School
177DMSSchoolsDurfee Middle School, Detroit, Michigan
178DMSSchoolsDwyer Middle School
179DMSChemistryDynamic Mechanical Spectroscopy
180DMSEmergencyDynamic Message Sign
181DMSLaw EnforcementDynamic Message Signs
182DMSUncategorizedDynamic Monitoring Service
183DMSNASA - SpaceDynamic Motion Simulator
184DMSUncategorizedMoving Systems

DMS – Document Management System

DMS is a framework used to get, track, oversee and store reports and decrease paper works. Most are fit for tracking different adaptations made and changed by different clients (history following). On account of computerized archive the executives, such frameworks depend on PC programs.

The Document Management System is a computerized approach to compose, secure, catch, digitize, tag, affirm and complete errands with your business records. Albeit most report the board frameworks store information in the cloud, DMS is considerably more than simply distributed storage.

DMS – Distributed Make System

DMS – Distributed Make is for the framework, and is planned to disseminate arrangement undertakings inside the organization. Along these lines, it should speed up an assemblage cycle emblematically. Principle of Distributed Make System is more speed you will get if you have more computers. In any case, with few PCs the exhibition should in any case be incredibly improved: if the assemblage cycle is disseminated inside an organization of two PCs, the time taken must be isolated by roughly two.

Later on, clients will have the option to arrange source code for various structures, without the fundamental cross-compiler, and by choosing gatherings of PCs that coordinate the objective engineering, at that point permitting DMS to assemble the undertaking on this gathering of PCs Say, lastly get the outcome.

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