EOD Full Form

EOD Full Form: What Does EOD Stand For?

Here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of EOD but also get detailed information about EOD. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does EOD stand for?

EOD Full Form

The term EOD has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

EOD Full Form is –End of the Day

EOD represents End of the Day. This shows the finish of an exchanging day the monetary business sectors, the time moment that the exchanging is shut for the day. It is otherwise called finish of business and close of business.

In certain business sectors, EOD alludes to a point in time before the real finish of the exchanging day or trading day. These couple of moments before the real day’s end are needed to finish the standard assignments that are needed to handily complete an exchange or business day.

EOD – End of Discussion

EOD Full Form in Mail

End of the Day

EOD Full Form in Banking

End of the Day

What Does EOD Stand For?

EOD stands for – End of the Day and End of Discussion

What Does EOD Stand For in Military?

In Military EOD stands for – Explosive Ordnance Disposal

What Does EOD Stand For in Business?

In Business EOD stands for – End of day

All Full Forms of EOD

Now, here is the complete list of Full Form of EOD.

Sr. No.TermCategoryEOD Full Form
1EODUncategorizedEager Old Dude
2EODDementia Onset CareEarly Onset Dementia
3EODMedicalEarly onset disease
4EODOphthalmology Ophthalmic MedicalEarly Onset Drusen
5EODChemistry MedicalEarly Onset Dystonia
6EODPregnancy Obstetrics MedicalEarly Onset GBS Disease
7EODAllergy Immunology MedicalEarly Onset of Death
8EODSubstance Abuse Psychiatry AddictionEarly Onset of Drinking
9EODUncategorizedEarly Order Discount
10EODMedical Dementia OnsetEarly-Onset Dementia
11EODPsychiatry Mental Health MedicalEarly-Onset Depression
12EODEndocrine System Endocrinology MedicalEarly-Onset Diabetes
13EODGynaecology MedicalEarly-Onset neonatal Disease
14EODUncategorizedEastern Ontario District
15EODUncategorizedEasy Object Designer
16EODCompanies or OrganizationseBooks On Demand
17EODUncategorizedE-Books on Demand
18EODUncategorizedEcologic Oriented Development
19EODInformation TechnologyEdge Of Danger
20EODInformation TechnologyEdge Of Darkness
21EODInformation TechnologyEdge Of Death
22EODEducationalEducation On Demand
23EODDevelopmentEfficiency Organization and Development
24EODMusicElectric Organ Discharge
25EODMedicalElectric Organ Discharges
26EODProductsElectronic OverDrive
27EODInformation TechnologyElement Of Doom
28EODUncategorizedElements of Design
29EODScience FictionElite Operations Division
30EODUncategorizedEmbedded Order Data
31EODInformation TechnologyEmbroidery Office Design
32EODArmyEmergency Offensive Device
33EODUncategorizedEmergency Order of Detention
34EODPharmaceuticalEmergency Outpatient Department
35EODLocal - CountriesEmpire Of Darkness
36EODDevelopmentEmployee and Organizational Development
37EODTransportationEmployee On Duty
38EODDevelopmentEmployee Organizational Development
39EODInformation TechnologyEnd Of Data
40EODInformation TechnologyEnd of Day
41EODInternet Slang Technology SlangEnd Of Debate
42EODInternet - ChatEnd Of Discussion
43EODWritingEnd of discussion
44EODBusinessEnd Of the Day
45EODMedia CenterEnd Of the Dream
46EODMedical CardiologyEnd-Organ Damage
47EODOccupation & PositionsEngineer On Duty
48EODEducationalEngineering Operations Division
49EODFDA AdministrationEnter On Duty
50EODPolitics FBI EmergencyEntered on Duty
51EODGovernment Employment MilitaryEntrance on Duty
52EODUncategorizedEnvironment of Deposition
53EODNASA - SpaceEnvironmental Observation Division
54EODCollege EducationEqual Opportunity and Diversity
55EODCareerEqual Opportunity Department
56EODUncategorizedEqual Opportunity Division
57EODInformation TechnologyEquipment Operating Data
58EODInformation TechnologyEstimated Operational Date
59EODInformation TechnologyEve Of Destruction
60EODAccountingEvent Of Default
61EODFunnyEvery One Drinks
62EODPharmaceuticalEvery Other Day
63EODScience FictionEwok Open Dump
64EODInformation TechnologyExecutioner Of Deities
65EODPublic Health Healthcare MedicalExperiences Of Discrimination
66EODFDA AdministrationExperimental Operational Directive
67EODInformation TechnologyExpert On Demand
68EODUncategorizedExplosive Ordinance Device
69EODMilitary Forces Explosive Explosive Ordinance Disposal
70EODInternet - ChatExpression of Dissatisfaction
71EODPharmaceuticalExtent Of Disease
72EODUncategorizedExtra Ordinary Delights
73EODUncategorizedExtraordinary Ordinary Day
74EODEastern Ontario Division Uncategorized

Final Words:

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