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EPS Full Form

EPS Full Form: What Does EPS Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of EPS is? Then, here you will come to know what Does EPS stand for? Also all possible Full Form of EPS.

EPS Full Form

The term EPS has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

EPS Full Form is – Employees Pension Scheme

The full form of EPS is “Employees Pension Scheme”. As we know that 12% of the basic salary and DA of the employees working in the company is deposited in EPF (Employees Provident Fund), and the same (12%) is also deposited by the EMPLOYER (Employer). Still, Very few people know that this EPS (Employees Pension Scheme) is also deposited in pension. Out of the 12% EPF deposited by the EMPLOYER (employer), 8.33 per cent goes to the EPS account, and it is received as a pension by the employee after attaining the age of 58 years. This is called EPS (Employees Pension Scheme).

But for this, there are some rules under EPS-95 such that the employee has to be a participant of EPF for at least nine years five months; that is, if any employee is employed in any company for 9.5 years or more, then he will be eligible for EPS. Becomes entitled and can apply for a pension on attaining the age of 58 years and can take advantage of this scheme. At present, 8.33 percent of the 12% EPF deposited by the employer is deposited in EPS, But the government is now trying to bring a voluntary pension scheme, under which the employee can get more pension than the currently employed pension, so let’s know more about pension in this block today.

How much money gets deposited in EPS?

As we mentioned that 12% from Basic Pay (BASIC) and DA of each employee is deposited in EPF and the same 12% is deposited by the employer of which 8.33 percent is deposited in EPS.

Who can take the benefit of EPS?

All employees who are associated with any organization sector and participate in EPF from their salary per month can take advantage of this scheme. If they work for 9.5 years or more in any one organization, then 58 years Can take advantage of pension on attaining the age of age, or if his tenure is less than this, he can withdraw the EPS deposited in his pension under EPF along with EPF.

What is Time limit to get the benefit of EPS?

Suppose an employee has contributed more than 9.5 years in EPF. In that case, he becomes eligible to benefit from pension, which is given EMPLOYEES PENSION SCHEME CERTIFICATE after the age of 58 years and by this certificate, he can get the use of a pension. If his tenure is less than 9.5 years, then he can withdraw EPS money under EPF.

How To Calculate EPS?


Pension under the pension scheme is calculated with the help of this formula – the total number of years of work of the employee multiplied by the pensionable amount divided by 70

Suppose an employee is a participant in EPF in an organization for 15 years and his pensionable amount is ₹7000. So 7000 times 15 divided by 70




If an employee is a participant of EPF in any organization for more than 9.5 years, then he is eligible for EPS pension.

At the age of 58, if the employee is employed or is unemployed, then in both these situations, one can take the benefit of pension.

The pensioner will get this pension for life, and after his death, his spouse and two children whose age is less than 25 years will get it.

The pensioner can ensure who gets the pension after his/her death.

What is EPS Full Form in Cars?

Electric Power Steering

What Does EPS Stand For?

EPS stands for – Earnings Per Share

Earnings Per Share (EPS) is a financial measure equal to the ratio of the company’s net profit available for distribution to the average annual number of common shares.

Earnings per share is one of the main financial indicators used to evaluate a company on the stock market, to compare the investment attractiveness of companies and their effectiveness.

In order to calculate EPS correctly, it is important to determine the number of shares used in the denominator, taking into account all the changes in their composition during the year, as well as taking into account the effect of capital dilution.

The formula for calculation:

EPS (Profit – Dividends on Preferred Shares) / Number of Common Shares

FTP Full Form

What is Full Forms of EPS

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term EPS.

Sr. No.TermCategoryEPS Full Form
1EPSIndiaEmployees Pension Scheme
2EPSStock ExchangeEarnings Per Share
3EPSEducationalEarly Periodic Screening
5EPSEngineeringEarly Production Scheme
6EPSOilfieldEarly Production System
9EPSUncategorizedEars Palms And Soles
10EPSAcademic & ScienceEarth and Planetary Science
11EPSEducationalEarth and Planetary Sciences
12EPSMedicalEctopic Pregnancies
13EPSSchoolsEdmond Public Schools
14EPSSchoolsEdmonton Public Schools
15EPSCompanies or OrganizationsEducators Publishing Service
16EPSUncategorizedElbow Plating System
17EPSHealthElectoral Profile System
18EPSEducationalElectric Power Steering
19EPSTechnologyElectric Power System
20EPSAutomotiveElectric Propulsion System
21EPSEducationalElectrical Power Source
22EPSCosmosElectrical Power Sub-system
23EPSElectrical EngineeringElectrical Power System
24EPSPharmaceuticalElectro Physiological Study
25EPSScience FictionElectro Plasma System
26EPSAutomotiveElectronic Parking System
27EPSEducationalElectronic Payment for Shares
28EPSInformation TechnologyElectronic Payment Service
29EPSAccountingElectronic Payment System
30EPSEducationalElectronic Payments Statements
31EPSNormal BusinessElectronic Point of Sale
34EPSAutomotiveElectronic Power Shift
35EPSTechnologyElectronic Power Steering
36EPSAutomotiveElectronic Power System
37EPSAutomotiveElectronic Precision Shift
38EPSInformation TechnologyElectronic Prepaid System
39EPSMedicalElectronic Prescription Service
40EPSCompanies or OrganizationsElectronic Printing Systems, Incorporated
41EPSInformation TechnologyElectronic Programming System
42EPSEducationalElectronic Publishing Services
43EPSCardiologyElectrophysiological Study
44EPSPharmaceuticalElectrophysiology Studies
45EPSInformation TechnologyElementary Procedures
46EPSClothingElizabeth's Percentage System
47EPSSchoolsElkhorn Public Schools
48EPSUncategorizedEmail Parsing System
49EPSInformation Technologye-Mail Postal Software
50EPSInformation Technologye-Mail Preference Services
51EPSInformation TechnologyEmail Processing System
52EPSInformation Technologye-Mail Proxy Server
53EPSMedicalEmergency Physicians
54EPSTechnologyEmergency Power Supply
55EPSComputingEmergency Power System
56EPSPharmaceuticalEmergency Pregnancy Service
57EPSPharmaceuticalEmergency Psychiatric Services
58EPSEducationalEmergency Pump System
59EPSPsychiatryEmotional Processing Scale
60EPSEmploymentEmployee Pension Scheme
61EPSUncategorizedEmployment Permit System
62EPSBusinessEmpty Payment Submission
63EPSInformation TechnologyEncapsulated Post Script
64EPSConferenceEncapsulated Postscript
65EPSPrintingEncapsulated PostScript File
66EPSEducationalEncapsulated PostScript image format
67EPSNephrologyEncapsulating Peritoneal Sclerosis
68EPSUncategorizedEnd Plug Survey
69EPSFunnyEnergetic Possums Sterile
70EPSEnergyEnergy and Power Solutions
71EPSInformation TechnologyEnergy Panel Structure
72EPSEnergyEnergy Panel Structures
73EPSEnergyEnergy Performance Score
74EPSArmyEnergy Projectile System
75EPSMedicalEnforcement Policy Statement
76EPSAutomotiveEngine Position Sensor
77EPSAutomotiveEngine Protection System
78EPSTransportationEngineered Performance Standards
79EPSUncategorizedEngineered Polymer Solutions
80EPSUncategorizedEngineered Propulsion Systems
81EPSTechnologyEnhanced Polar System
82EPSPharmaceuticalEnhanced Probiotic System
83EPSInformation TechnologyEnterprise Platforms Support
84EPSUncategorizedEnterprise Project Structure
85EPSUncategorizedEntity Profile System
86EPSInformation TechnologyEntry Power Supply
87EPSStructuralEnvironmental Performance Statement
88EPSEnvironmentalEnvironmental Planning Specialists
89EPSStructuralEnvironmental Planning Statement
91EPSUS GovernmentEnvironmental Priority Strategies
92EPSInformation TechnologyEpson Printer font
93EPSAthleticsEqualised Performance Sailing
94EPSInformation TechnologyError Programmer's Sequence
95EPSPharmaceuticalEssential Pregnancy Services
96EPSUnited NationsEssential Programs And Services
97EPSInformation TechnologyEthernet Print Server
98EPSUncategorizedEthnic Programs and Services
99EPSCompanies or OrganizationsEuropean Parts Specialists
100EPSEducationalEuropean Physical Society
101EPSLocal - EuropeanEuropean Politics and Society
102EPSEducationalEuropean Project Semester
103EPSEducationalEuropean Project Seminar
104EPSStructuralEuropean Protected Species
105EPSEducationalEvangelical Philosophical Society
106EPSInformation TechnologyEvent Protocol Sharing


What is EPS Full Form in Banking?

Earnings Per Share

What is EPS Full Form in Medical?

Intracardiac Electrophysiology Study

What is EPS Full Form in Computer?

Encapsulated PostScript

What is EPS Full Form in Stock Market?

Earnings Per Share

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about EPS. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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