LOC Full Form

LOC Full Form: What Does LOC Stand For?

Dear Friends, do you want to know what is full form of LOC is? If yes, then you are at the right place, because here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of LOC but also get detailed information about LOC. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does LOC stand for?

LOC Full Form

The term LOC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

LOC Full Form is – Line of Control

India shares a very large border with Pakistan and China. Both these borders of India have been extremely sensitive and often disputed. At times, there have been wars in these areas, in addition to this, there is often a tension situation on these borders. To prevent war and tensions or any dispute, ceasefire lines or control lines have been drawn along the borders with the two countries, known as LOC and LAC respectively. The LOC lies between India and Pakistan, while the LAC is the Line of Control between India and China.

LOC means Line of Control which is not considered by the international community but is accepted by both countries.

This border divides parts of the Union Territory of India i.e. Jammu and Kashmir between India and Pakistan. The length of the LOC is approximately 776 km which was fraudulently taken over by Pakistan in 1947.

This border is clearly demarcated by the military. This boundary divides parts of the Union Territory of India i.e. Jammu and Kashmir between India and Pakistan. The length of the LOC is approximately 776 km which was fraudulently taken over by Pakistan in 1947.

What Does LOC Stand For?

LOC stands for – Line of Control

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All Full Forms of LOC

Now after you have got information about the nearest full form of LOC, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term LOC.

Sr. No.TermCategoryLOC Full Form
1LOCArmyACC Location Accuracy
2NASUncategorizedl Outlet Consumption
3NASUncategorizedLa Otra Cronica
5NASMicrobiologyLab On a Chip
8NASInternetLabuan Online Society
9NASLocal - CanadianLake Ontario Counties
10NASAthleticsLakeland Orienteering Club
11NASLocalLamb Of Christ
12NASUncategorizedLancaster Outreach Center
13NASPharmaceuticalLateral Occipital Complex
14NASMedicalLateral Olivocochlear
15NASExplorationLaunch Operations Center
16NASMiscellaneousLaunch Operations Centre
17NASNASA - SpaceLaunch Operations Complex
18NASEducationalLauren On Campus
19NASDentistryLaxative Of Choice
20NASUncategorizedLeague of Oregon Cities
21NASEducationalLearn Organize Create
22NASEducationalLearning Object Creator
23NASEducationalLearning Opportunity Center
24NASEducationalLearning Outside the Classroom
25NASUncategorizedLeave in Oil Cream
26NASJuridicalLeave Of Court
27NASUncategorizedLegacy of Clean
28NASScience FictionLegend Of Crystals
29NASLocalLegionnaires Of Christ
30NASScience FictionLegions Of Chaos
31NASArmyLength Of Combat
34NASPharmaceuticalLength Of Confinement
35NASUncategorizedLetter of collection
36NASUS GovernmentLetter Of Comment
37NASNuclearLetter of Compliance
38NASJuridicalLetter of Concern
39NASSecurityLetter of Consent
40NASUncategorizedLetter of Counsel
41NASArmyLetter Of Counseling
42NASLogisticsLetter of Credit
43NASAccountingLetters Of Comment
44NASPharmaceuticalLevel Of Care
45NASHealthLevel Of Concern
46NASDentistryLevel Of Consciousness
47NASUncategorizedLevels Of Concern
48NASEducationalLibrary of
49NASEducationalLibrary Of California
50NASGovernmentLibrary of Congress
51NASEducationalLifetime Of Conflict
52NASLocalLight Of Christ
53NASAutomotiveLight Off Catalyst
54NASEducationalLimiting Oxygen Concentration
55NASPharmaceuticalLincoln Orthopaedic Center
56NASUncategorizedLind of Control
57NASArmyLine of Communication
58NASPolice ForceLine of Control
59NASGovernmentalLine of Control (India)
60NASNormal BusinessLine Of Convenience
61NASAccountingLine Of Credit
62NASEducationalLine Out Converter
63NASInformation TechnologyLines of Code
64NASMilitaryLines Of Communication
65NASBankingLines of Credit
66NASUncategorizedLiquid Oil and Cream
67NASUncategorizedLiquid Oil Cream
68NASProductsLiquid Organic Cleaner
69NASMusicLive from Oujda City
70NASUncategorizedLive Oil Content
71NASLocal - CountiesLivingston and Oakland Counties
72NASLocal - CountiesLivingston Oakland Counties
73NASProfessional OrganizationsLocal Optical Committee
74NASUnionsLocal Organizing Committee
75NASLocal - GhanaLocal Organizing Committee of Ghana
76NASUncategorizedLocation Of the Critical
77NASUncategorizedLoco Or Crazy
78NASMedicalLocus Of Control
79NASMilitaryLogistics Operations Center
81NASCompanies or OrganizationsLondon Offshore Consultants
82NASComputingLoop On-Line Control
83NASScience FictionLords Of Chaos
84NASPharmaceuticalLoss Of Consciousness
85NASEngineeringLoss of Containment
86NASInformation TechnologyLoss Of Contrast
87NASAerospaceLoss Of Control
88NASNuclearLoss of Coolant
89NASSpaceLoss of Crew
91NASNormal BusinessLost Opportunity Cost
92NASUncategorizedLove of Color
93NASUncategorizedLove Of Crips
94NASSocietyLoving Our Society
95NASUncategorizedLow On Cash
96NASCybersecurityLow Overhead Cipher
97NASPharmaceuticalLower Oesophageal Contractility
98NASCosmosLunar Orbit Capture

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I hope you get what you want to know about LOC. Do you want to know the full forms of the term other than LOC? Then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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