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OPS Full Form

Dear Friends, are you looking for OPS full form? If so, here you will get the all possible Full Form of OPS as well as detailed information about OPS.

Along with this, you will also know the Meaning of OPS here.

You can find all the information about the acronym of OPS or abbreviation of OPS related to all terminology. So let’s find out all possible OPS Full Form here.

OPS Full Form

The term OPS has many full form, but out of which most relevant OPS Full Form is –

Office of Public Safety

OPS Round Full Form

OPS is for operations. It is the round is to test your technical skills which is required for the job or project that you are being selected.

What Does OPS Stands For?

OPS stands for – Office of Public Safety

OPS Meaning

The term OPS has many meaning, but the most relevant meaning of OPS is –

Office of Public Safety

All Full Forms of OPS

Here is the complete Full Form list of the term OPS.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryOPS Full Form
1OPSMedicalObjective Pain Scale
2OPSAthleticsOBP (On Base Percentage) Plus SLG (Slugging Percentage)
3OPSUncategorizedObservation Parties
4OPSMedicalOccupational Physicians
5OPSTransportationOccupational Prayer Specialty
6OPSServiceOcean Protection Services
7OPSEducationalOceanic Preservation Society
8OPSTechnologyOff Premise Station
9OPSTilOffentlig Privat Samarbeid
10OPSOrganizationsOffice for Project Services
11OPSPoliticsOffice of Operations Coordination
12OPSGovernmentOffice of Operations Coordination and Planning
13OPSFDA AdministrationOffice of Pharmaceutical Science
14OPSMedicalOffice of Pharmaceutical Science
15OPSDrugOffice of Pharmaceutical Sciences
16OPSUncategorizedOffice of Pipeline Safety
17OPSGovernmentOffice of Pipeline Safety
18OPSGovernmentOffice of Private Sector
19OPSPoliticsOffice of Private Sector Liaison
20OPSLaw EnforcementOffice of Professional Standards
21OPSTechnologyOffice of Program Support
22OPSUnited NationsOffice of Programme Services
23OPSUS GovernmentOffice of Public Safety
24OPSGovernmentOffice of Public Safety
25OPSUncategorizedOfficial Public Server
26OPSCompanies or OrganizationsOff-Premises Station
27OPSEducationalOhio Photography School
28OPSPalmOil Palm Shell
29OPSGovernmentalOld Pension Scheme
30OPSMedicalOlder Persons
31OPSMedicalOligodendrocyte Progenitors
34OPSSchoolsOmaha Public Schools
35OPSBaseballOn-base Plus Slugging
36OPSOncologyOncoplastic Surgery
37OPSUncategorizedOne Piece Scan
38OPSManufacturingOne Piece Sections
39OPSProductsOne Piece Stick
40OPSProductsOne Point Sling
41OPSUniversityOnline and Professional Studies
42OPSAthleticsOnline Premium Services
43OPSUncategorizedOnline Print Solutions
44OPSUncategorizedOnline Provider Services
45OPSUncategorizedOnline Purchasing System
46OPSNuclearOnsite Power Systems
47OPSUncategorizedOntario Public Servants
48OPSLocal - CanadianOntario Public Service
49OPSPatents & TrademarksOpen Patent Services
50OPSUncategorizedOpen Pluggable Specification
51OPSUncategorizedOpen Publication Structure
52OPSMedicalOpen Pulled Straw
53OPSIce SkatingOpen stroke
54OPSProcedureOperating Procedures
55OPSTechnologyOperational Paging System
56OPSPoliticsOperational Planning System
57OPSUncategorizedOperational Plans
58OPSProcedureOperational Procedures
59OPSArmyOperational Project Stock
60OPSNASA - SpaceOPerational Sequence
64OPSArmyOperations Center
65OPSOilfieldOperations Report
66OPSTechnologyOperations Sequence
67OPSForkliftOperator Presence Sensing
68OPSUncategorizedOperator Presence System
69OPSProfessional OrganizationsOphthalmic Photographers' Society
70OPSEnvironmental HealthOpportunistic Pathogens
71OPSInformation TechnologyOPS Package System
72OPSPacketOptical Packet Switched
73OPSInformation TechnologyOptical Packet Switching
74OPSNetworkingOptical Packet Switching
75OPSProductsOptical Parking System
76OPSParticleOptical Particle Sizer
77OPSEducationalOptical Physical Section
78OPSTechnologyOptical Protection Switch
79OPSUncategorizedOptical Protection System
80OPSGeographyOptical Sensor
81OPSServiceOptimised Print Services
82OPSUncategorizedOptimism-Pessimism Scale
83OPSCompanies or OrganizationsOptimized Pipeline Solutions
84OPSUncategorizedOptimized Print Services
85OPSAthleticsOptimum Performance Athletics
86OPSMedicalOptimum Prediction Space
87OPSLocal - CountriesOptional Playing Style
88OPSInformation TechnologyOracle Parallel Server
89OPSTechnologyOracle Parallel Server
91OPSUncategorizedOracle Partner Store
92OPSTeaOrange Pekoe Superior
93OPSGovernmentOrangeville Police Service
94OPSProductsOrbit Pendant Speaker
95OPSTechnologyOrbitalnaya Pilotiruemaya Stanziya
96OPSNASA - SpaceOrbiter Project Schedule
97OPSTechnologyOrbiter Project Schedules
98OPSUncategorizedOrder of Payment Slip
99OPSChemistryOrder Parameters
100OPSChemistryOrdered Predictor Selection
101OPSEnvironmental HealthOrganic Pollutants
102OPSUncategorizedOrganic Portals
103OPSPharmaceuticalOrganic Psycho Syndrome
104OPSIndonesianOrganisasi Perusahaan Sejenis
105OPSUncategorizedOrganised Private Sector
106OPSNigeriaOrganised Private Sector
108OPSUncategorizedOrganization for Prostitution Survivors
109OPSSexOrganization for Prostitution Survivors
110OPSUncategorizedOrganizing Partners
111OPSMedicalOrganochlorine Pesticides
113OPSMedicalOrganophosphorus Compounds
114OPSMedicalOrganophosphorus insecticides
115OPSEnvironmental HealthOrganophosphorus Pesticides
116OPSPlasticsOriented PolyStyrene (film)
117OPSUncategorizedOrocos Program Script
118OPSMedicalOrpington Prognostic Scale
119OPSMedicalOrthogonal Polarization Spectral
120OPSProductsOscillating Propulsion System
121OPSMedicalOscillatory Potentials
122OPSBiochemistryO-specific Polysaccharide
123OPSProductsOther Peoples' Stuff
124OPSStock ExchangeOther Permanent Shareholders
125OPSUS GovernmentOther Personal Services
126OPSNormal BusinessOther Personnel Services
127OPSEducationOther Personnel Services
128OPSProductsOutboard Propulsion System
129OPSBioengineeringOutpatient Section
130OPSOccupation & PositionsOutstanding Performance Series
131OPSUncategorizedOverall Parts Solutions
132OPSNormal BusinessOverall Performance Study
133OPSGovernmentalOwn Pay Scale
134OPSNASA - SpaceOxygen Purge System
135OPSTechnologyPer Second
136OPSLocal - Airport CodesSinop, MT, Brazil
137OPSOilfieldUs Office Of Pipeline Safety

OPS – Office of Public Safety

Office of Public Safety (OPS) is a U.S. government program in August 1962 by John F. Kennedy who was President of the U.S. The objective behind OPS is to provide police assist to the Allies of U.S.

OPS was part of USAID (US Agency for International Development). Throughout its 12-year presence, it provided assist and getting ready to the police in 49 nations. But this program was suspended in 1974 by the Congress.

Creation and disintegration of the OPS

The USA has a protracted historical past of giving police assist to Latin American nations. Throughout the 1960s the U.S. The Company for Worldwide Developments (USAID) Workplace of Public Security (OPS) gave numerous {dollars} price of weapons to Latin American police powers and ready nice many Latin American cops. Within the final a part of the 1960s, such tasks went beneath media and legislative investigation as gear and school gave by the US have been linked to situations of homicide, torture and “kidnaping” in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay .

In Washington DC, the Workplace of Public Security had gotten invulnerable to public disgrace because it went round two of its basic capacities: allowing the CIA to attract in males with close by police in delicate areas across the globe; And after cautious examination on their dwelling area, key up-and-comers from the US have been acquired to pick as CIA staff. Byron Engle, head of OPS in Washington, was close to the CIA.

In 1974, Congress restricted the association of getting ready or assist to unfamiliar police, generally known as phase 660 of the Overseas Help Act (FAA).

The overwhelming majority of the OPS missions have been moved to totally different organizations, together with the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, whereas the US Division of Protection stored on transferring {hardware} to safety powers overseas. Operations official Jack Goin established Public Security Companies Inc., a personal safety agency in Washington.

Division – Office of Public Safety

Run by the OPS, the Worldwide Police Academy was arrange in 1963, getting ready cops from totally different nations across the globe in the US. Its prime notch comprised of 68 cops from seventeen distinctive nations. Officers have been ready on the Georgetown Automotive Barn in Washington, D.C. By the mid 1970s, chosen opponents may get getting ready from CIA officers on the Border Patrol Academy in Los Fresno, Texas, together with bomb-production and flamable devices.

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