EDC Full Form

EDC Full Form

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EDC Full Form

The term EDC has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

EDC Full Form is – Electronic Data Capture

A digital information (EDC) system is a computerized system designed to assort medical information in digital format to be used primarily in particular person medical trials. EDC replaces the unique paper-based information assortment methodology to streamline information assortment and expedite the entire time to market for medical drugs and merchandise. EDC options are extensively adopted by pharmaceutical companies and settlement analysis organizations (CRO).

Sometimes, EDC techniques provide:

  • An individual that’s a graphical part for info entry
  • A validation part to check person information
  • An instrument that’s reporting evaluation of the gathered information

Life sciences organizations utilize EDC techniques, broadly outlined because the pharmaceutical, medical gadget, and biotechnology industries in all respects of medical analysis are notably useful for late-phase (section III-IV) research pharmacovigilance and safety surveillance that’s post-market.

EDC can improve information accuracy and scale back steadily the time and vitality to gather information for research of medicine and medical gadgets.[3] The trade-off that quite a few drug builders encounter with deploying an EDC system to help their drug improvement is the truth that there is a moderately excessive process that’s start-up adopted carefully by vital benefits all through the length for the trial. As a general whole final result, for the EDC to be economical, the saving over the lifetime of the trial has to be increased than the set-up prices.

The impression that’s web to extend each the fee and threat to the examine with insignificant benefits. Nonetheless, with all of the maturation of this time’s EDC options, many of the sooner burdens for analysis set-up and design have been alleviated via applied sciences that enable point-and-click drag-and-drop design modules. With little to no programming required and reusability from world libraries and standardized types corresponding to CDISC’s CDASH, deploying EDC can now rival the paper processes by examining start-up time. As a complete result, even the sooner section analysis experiences have begun to look at EDC expertise.


Business and digital: data entry

When electronics and the Internet occupy an important place in our daily lives, more and more companies decide to back up their files. This method is made concrete by making data entries in electronic format. For this, many providers or companies take care of any request in the sector.

Designating a computerized process to organize and manage electronic information and documents within an organization, EDM or Electronic Document Management mainly implements systems for acquiring, classifying, storing, and archiving documents (example of use: mass scanning of documents in “paper” format). EDM participates in collaborative work, capitalization, and exchange of information and, in particular, makes it possible to increase the possibilities of searching, distributing, and classifying documents.


EDC Machine Full Form

Electronic Data Capture


EDC Full Form in Banking

Electronic Data Capture


EDC Full Form in Engineering

Engineering Data Center


EDC Full Form in Pregnancy

Due date – Expected date of confinement or Estimated date of confinement.


EDC Full Form in Real Estate

External Development Charges


What Does EDC Stand For?

EDC stands for – Electronic Data Capture


What is EDC Meaning

The term EDC can be used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of EDC is – Electronic Data Capture


All Full Forms of EDC

By now, you must have got some idea about the Full-Forms and meaning of EDC.

However, the list is not ending here, if you like to know similar full-forms of EDC, then this site contains various Full-Forms related to Government, Computing, Telecommunication, Medical, Space Science, Education, and various categorize like these.

Here is the complete Full-Form list of the term EDC.

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Sr. No.TermCategoryEDC Full Form
3EDCAirline CodeAir Charter Scotland
4EDCAirportAustin Executive Airport
5EDCElectronicsDifference In Potential
6EDCCompanies or OrganizationsEagleridge Devlopment Corporation
7EDCBusinessEagleridge Devlopment Corporation
8EDCUncategorizedEarliest documented cover
9EDCOphthalmologyEarly DC
10EDCUncategorizedEarly Detection of Cancer
11EDCUncategorizedEarly Display Capability
12EDCNavigationEarly Display Configuation
13EDCAircraftEarly Display Configuration
14EDCJuridicalEarly Disposition Court
15EDCLawEarly Disposition Court
16EDCCanadaEarth Day Canada
17EDCUncategorizedEarth Day Coalition
18EDCTransformerEarth Defense Command
19EDCScience FictionEarth Defense Corpse
20EDCOceanEarth Resources Observation Systems Data Center
21EDCUncategorizedEasington District Council
22EDCUncategorizedEast Denver Collaborative
23EDCUncategorizedEast Devon College
24EDCSchoolEast Dunbartonshire Council
25EDCUncategorizedEast Durham College
26EDCSportEastern Dakota Conference
27EDCMilitaryEastern Defense Command
28EDCUncategorizedEastern Dharwar Craton
29EDCManagementEastern Distribution Center
30EDCUncategorizedEastern District Conference
31EDCUncategorizedEastern District Council
34EDCUncategorizedEastern Dragon Co
35EDCUncategorizedEastern Dragon Company
36EDCDentistryEastman Dental Center
37EDCMoneyEasy Daily Cash
38EDCTechnologyEasy Data Communication
39EDCUncategorizedEat & Drink Co
40EDCCompanies or OrganizationsEating And Dining Corporation
41EDCBusinessEating And Dining Corporation
42EDCUncategorizedEating Disorder Center
43EDCTreatmentEating Disorder Coalition
44EDCUncategorizedEating Disorders Coalition
45EDCHealthEating Disorders Coalition
46EDCUncategorizedEating Disorders Coaltion
47EDCFraganceEau De Cologne
48EDCCityEbbsfleet Development Corporation
49EDCIndiaEco Development Committee
50EDCForestEco Development Committees
51EDCBankingEcobank Development Corporation
52EDCIndiaEco-Development Committee
53EDCForestEco-Development Committees
54EDCUncategorizedEcole de Chasse
55EDCJeanEcole des Cadres
56EDCUncategorizedEcological Design Center
57EDCUncategorizedEcological Design Consortium
58EDCUncategorizedEconomia di Comunione
59EDCUncategorizedEconomic and Development Corporation
60EDCEconomyEconomic Data Collection
61EDCUncategorizedEconomic Dev Comm
62EDCUncategorizedEconomic Developement Commission
63EDCUncategorizedEconomic Developement Corporation
64EDCUncategorizedEconomic Development and Commerce
65EDCDevelopmentEconomic Development Center
66EDCGovernmentEconomic Development Cluster
67EDCCountyEconomic Development Commission
68EDCUncategorizedEconomic Development Commissions
69EDCBusinessEconomic Development Committee
70EDCUncategorizedEconomic Development Company
71EDCUncategorizedEconomic Development Consultants
72EDCUncategorizedEconomic Development Cooperative
73EDCCompanies or OrganizationsEconomic Development Corp
74EDCCountyEconomic Development Corp
75EDCProfessional OrganizationsEconomic Development Corporation
76EDCDrivingEconomic Development Corporation
77EDCUncategorizedEconomic Development Corporations
78EDCLocal - CountriesEconomic Development Corporation's
79EDCUncategorizedEconomic Development Corportation
80EDCDevelopmentEconomic Development Council
81EDCCountyEconomic Development Council
82EDCUncategorizedEconomically Developed Countries
83EDCBioengineeringEddy Dissipation Concept
84EDCSchoolsEducation Development Center
85EDCEducationEducation Development Center
86EDCDevelopmentEducational Development Center
87EDCTechnologyEducational Development Center
88EDCUncategorizedEffective Date of Contract
89EDCTechnologyEffective Date of Contract
91EDCUncategorizedEfficient Dual Clutch
92EDCFoodEl Dorado County
93EDCEducationalElectonic Diesel Control
94EDCMusicElectric Daisy Carnival
95EDCTicketElectric Daisy Carnival
96EDCCompanies or OrganizationsElectric Distribution Company
97EDCEnergyElectric Distribution Company
98EDCVenezuelaElectricidad de Caracas
99EDCEducationalElectricity Discovery Centre (University of Toronto)
100EDCTechnologyElectro Dynamic Crystal
101EDCNASA - SpaceElectro-chemical Depolarized CO2
102EDCPharmaceuticalElectrodesiccation and curettage
103EDCEnvironmental HealthElectron Donating Capacity
104EDCEducationalElectron Donating Cardinal
105EDCChemistryElectron Energy Distribution Curve
106EDCProductsElectronic Dampening Control
107EDCEducationalElectronic Damper Control
108EDCAutomotiveElectronic Damper Control
109EDCInformation TechnologyElectronic Data Capture
110EDCResearchElectronic Data Capture
111EDCEducationalelectronic Data Center
112EDCMedicalElectronic Data Collection
113EDCEducationalElectronic Demand Capture
114EDCEngineeringElectronic Design Centre
115EDCTechnologyElectronic Desk Calculator
116EDCDeviceElectronic Devices & Circuits
117EDCEducationalElectronic Diesel Control
118EDCControlElectronic Diesel Control
119EDCInformation TechnologyElectronic Digital Computer
120EDCTechnologyElectronic Digital Computer
121EDCTechnologyElectronic Dispersion Compensation
122EDCInformation TechnologyElectronic Dispersion Compensator
123EDCEducationalElectronic Draft Capture
124EDCMilitaryElectronic Draft Capture
125EDCEnvironmental HealthElectrostatic Dust Collector
126EDCCompanies or OrganizationsElite Diplomatic Company
127EDCAccountingEmbedded Direct Costs
128EDCUncategorizedEmergency and Disaster Center
129EDCFrankfortEmergency Dispatch Centre
130EDCPharmaceuticalEmirates Diagnostic Clinic
131EDCUncategorizedEmirates Driving Company
132EDCUncategorizedEmpezar Desde Cero
133EDCAircraftEn Route Departure Capability
134EDCPharmaceuticalEndocrine Disrupting Chemical
135EDCChemistryEndocrine Disrupting Chemical
136EDCHydrologyEndocrine Disrupting Chemicals
137EDCMedicalEndocrine Disrupting Compound
138EDCEndocrineEndocrine Disrupting Compounds
139EDCMedicalendocrine-disrupting chemical
140EDCEndocrine SystemEndocrinedisrupting Chemicals
141EDCHepatologyEndocrine-Disrupting Chemicals
142EDCEndocrineEndocrine-Disrupting Compound
143EDCMedicalendocrine-disrupting compounds
144EDCPharmacologyEndothelium-Dependent Contraction
145EDCPhilippineEnergy Development Corp
146EDCCompanies or OrganizationsEnergy Development Corporation
147EDCPoliticsEnergy Disruption Committee
148EDCNormal BusinessEngineering Data Control
149EDCEducationalEngineering Design and Communication
150EDCNASA - SpaceEngineering Design Change
151EDCTechnologyEngineering Design Change
152EDCComputingEnhanced Data Correction
153EDCGovernmentEnhanced Dissemination Chain
154EDCTechnologyEnterprise Data Center
155EDCInformation TechnologyEnterprise Database Connectivity
156EDCProgrammingEnterprise Database Connectivity
157EDCDevelopmentEnterprise Development Center
158EDCCompanies or OrganizationsEnterprise Development Corp
159EDCCompanies or OrganizationsEnterprise Development Corporation
160EDCCompanies or OrganizationsEntertainment Design Corporation
161EDCDevelopmentEntrepreneurship Development Cell
162EDCPoliticsEntrepreneurship Development Centre
163EDCEnvironmentalEnvironmental Data Catalogue
164EDCEnvironmentalEnvironmental Defense Center
165EDCConstructionEnvironmental Design Construction
166EDCEnvironmentalEnvironmental Drilling Compound
167EDCMedicalEpidemiology of Diabetes Complications
168EDCMedicalEpidermal Differentiation Complex
169EDCComputer ScienceEROS Data Center
170EDCInformation TechnologyError Detecting Code
171EDCArmyError Detection and Correction
172EDCTechnologyError Detection and Correction
173EDCInformation TechnologyError Detection Circuit
174EDCUncategorizedError Detection Code
175EDCTechnologyError Detection Code
176EDCInformationError Detection Code byte
177EDCCodingError Detection Codes
178EDCMilitaryError Detection/Correction
179EDCElectricalError Detection-correction Codes
180EDCToastmastersEsprit De Corps
182EDCCriminalEstablishment Drug Coordinator
183EDCUncategorizedEstados de Cuenta
184EDCArmyEstimated Date of Completion
185EDCMedicalEstimated Date Of Conception
186EDCJuridicalEstimated Date of Confinement
187EDCMidwiferyEstimated Date of Confinement
188EDCMedicalEstimated Date Of Confinement
189EDCMedicalestimated date of confinement (at 40/40 weeks of pregnancy)
190EDCNormal BusinessEstimated Day of Confinement
191EDCObstetricsEstimated Day Of Confinement
192EDCAthleticsEstimated Distance on Charge
193EDCPharmaceuticalEstimated Or Expected Date Of Confinement
194EDCSubstance AbuseEthanol-Derived Calories
195EDCOrganic ChemistryEthyl Carbodiimide
196EDCEnvironmentEthylene Dichloride
197EDCTechnologyEuropean Data Center
198EDCMilitaryEuropean Defence Community
199EDCCompanies or OrganizationsEuropean Documentation Centre
200EDCUncategorizedEuropean Drift Championship
201EDCUncategorizedEurovision Dance Contest
202EDCTechnologyEvans Data Corporation
203EDCNormal BusinessEvent Driven Communication
204EDCJuridicalEvery Day Carry
205EDCGovernmentEvery Day Carry
206EDCPolice ForceEvery Day Carry weapon
207EDCUncategorizedEvery Day Counts
208EDCTransportationEvery Day Counts
209EDCSurvivalismEveryday Carry
210EDCHealth CareEveryone with Diabetes Counts
211EDCEducationalExam Development Committee
212EDCCompanies or OrganizationsExhibitor Designated Contractor
213EDCMedicalExpected Date Of Confinement
214EDCUncategorizedExperience Dream Create
215EDCUncategorizedExperience, Dream, Create
216EDCLaw EnforcementExplosives Detection Canine
217EDCLocal - CanadianExport Development Canada
218EDCCanadaExport Development Canada
219EDCInternational BusinessExport Development Corporation
220EDCTradingExport Development Corporation
221EDCInformation TechnologyExtended Development Center
222EDCServiceExtended Development Center
223EDCTransplantationExtended Donor Criteria
224EDCCrochetExtended Double Crochet
225EDCPharmaceuticalExtensor Digitorum Communis
226EDCMedicalExtensor Digitorum Communis
227EDCInformation TechnologyExternal Data Connector for SharePoint
228EDCArmyExternal Data Coordination
229EDCDevelopmentExternal development charges
230EDCInformation TechnologyExternal Domain Controller
231EDCEngineeringExtra Deep Flange
233EDCBioengineeringN-(3-dimethylaminopropyl)-N'-ethylcarbodiimide hydrochloride

PRI Full Form


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