SOP Full Form

SOP Full Form: What Does SOP Stand For?

Here you will not only get the all possible Full Form of SOP but also get detailed information about SOP. Not only this, you will also come to know what Does SOP stand for?

SOP Full Form

The term SOP has many full forms, but out of which most relevant

SOP Full Form is –Standard Operating Procedures

An SOP, or Standard Operating Procedure, is a document that governs the performance of some kind of work or procedure.

SOP is developed in order to provide a normative support for the quality management system of medical care in a medical organization.

SOPs developed by a medical organization, after their approval by the head of the medical organization (other authorized person), have the legal status of a normative act, the implementation of which is mandatory for all specialists specified in the SOP, and any deviation from the SOP must be justified.

SOPs are developed based on the procedures and standards of medical care, clinical guidelines (protocols treatment, current technical regulations, national standards, rules for metrology, documents of the federal executive body in the field of health care and territorial health authorities (orders, guidelines, recommendations, pharmacopoeia monographs, etc.)

What Does SOP Stand For?

SOP stands for – Standard Operating Procedures

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are also documents that contain step-by-step instructions, which must strictly follow laboratory personnel when performing a particular procedure.

There will be many SOPs in the laboratory – one for each performed in laboratory procedure.

The documented SOPs provide the following:

Consistency. All employees must perform the analyses in exactly the same way, so that the same result is obtained, no matter who is performing the analysis. Consistency enables laboratory users to track changes over time in specific patients. If different laboratories use the same SOPs, their results can be compared. Pay particular attention to ensuring that all laboratory personnel follow the SOP accurately.

Correctness: Employees who follow documented procedures will get more correct results than if they rely only on their own memory, because they will not miss a single step in the process.

Quality: Consistent (reliable) and correct results are the main goal of the laboratory and can be considered as a definition of good laboratory performance.

A good SOP should be detailed, clear and concise so that personnel who do not normally follow the procedure can complete it by following SOP; contain all the necessary information, such as the desired incubation temperature and exact time information will be understandable to new employees and student trainees will be reviewed and approved by laboratory management.

What Does SOP Stand For in Army?

In Army SOP stands for – Standard Operating Procedures

What is SOP Meaning

The term SOP can be used for many purposes, but the most relevant meaning of SOP is – Standard Operating Procedures

All Full Forms of SOP

Here is the complete list of Full Form of SOP.

Sr. No.TermCategorySOP Full Form
1SOPStock ExchangeFinnish Options Exchange, LTD.
2SOPAirport CodeMoore County Airport
3SOPLocal - Airport CodesMoore County Airport, Pinehurst, North Carolina USA
4SOPFunnySack Of Potatoes
5SOPTechnologySafe Operating Procedure
7SOPAndroidSafety Organized Practice
8SOPAccountingSale Of Purchase
9SOPSAPSales and Operations
10SOPBusinessSales and Operations Planning
11SOPMarketingSales Order Processing
12SOPPoliticsSame Old Politics
13SOPSecuritySame-Origin Policy
14SOPInformation TechnologyScalable Object Persistence
15SOPAccountingSchedule Of Particulars
16SOPEducationalSchool Of Pharmacy
17SOPRAFSchool of Photography
18SOPSchoolsSchool Of Practice
19SOPEducationSchool Organisation Plan
20SOPNASA - SpaceScience Operations Plan
21SOPUncategorizedScientific Online Publishing
22SOPNursingScope Of Practice
23SOPInformation TechnologyScroll Of Protection
24SOPUncategorizedSecond Order Potential
25SOPNASA - SpaceSecondary Oxygen Pack
26SOPTechnologySecondary Oxygen Pack
27SOPVoluntary OrganizationSeeds Of Peace
28SOPPsychologySelf-Ordered Pointing
29SOPPsychologySelf-Oriented Perfectionism
30SOPMilitarySenior Officer Present
31SOPNormal BusinessSenior Options Principal
32SOPOrganizationsSense of Place
33SOPPharmaceuticalSensory Organ Precursor
34SOPMedicalService Object Pair
35SOPGovernmentService of Process
36SOPEngineeringService Operations Plan
37SOPHealthService outcome payment
38SOPMedicalService-Object Pair
39SOPInformation TechnologyService-Oriented Programming
40SOPConstructionSetting-Out Point
41SOPScoutingSewanee Outing Program
42SOPInformation TechnologyShared Object Parser
43SOPInternet - ChatShared Open Posting
46SOPOilShear Out Plug
47SOPEducationalShip-of-Opportunity Program
48SOPPharmaceuticalSleep Onset Period
49SOPTechnologySmall Outline Package
50SOPPsychiatrySocial Phobia
51SOPArmySoldiers On Parade
52SOPUncategorizedSound of Power
53SOPEducationalSource Of Power
54SOPNASA - SpaceSpacelab Opportunity Payload
55SOPUncategorizedSpecial Observation Period
56SOPLocal StatesSpecial Occasion Permit
57SOPUncategorizedSpecial Operating Plan
58SOPArmySpecial Operation Procedure
59SOPInformation TechnologySpecial Order Part
60SOPManufacturingSpecial Order Profile
61SOPEducationalSpin Orbit Parallel
62SOPShipping & SailingSpirit of Peoria
63SOPMusicSpirit Of Phoenix Chorus
64SOPPharmaceuticalStandard Of Performance
65SOPInternational BusinessStandard Of Practice
66SOPFunnyStandard Offensive Procedure
67SOPUncategorizedstandard operating
68SOPNormal BusinessStandard Operating Plan
69SOPInformation TechnologyStandard Operating Platform
70SOPAircraftStandard Operating Practice
71SOPEducationalStandard Operating Procedure
72SOPUncategorizedStandard Operating Procedures
73SOPUncategorizedStandard Operation Procedure
74SOPUncategorizedStandards of
75SOPPharmaceuticalStandards Of Practice
76SOPNutritionStandards Of Practice
77SOPArmyStanding Operating Procedure
78SOPUncategorizedStanding Operating Procedures
79SOPInformation TechnologyStart Of Packet
80SOPNormal BusinessStart Of Production
81SOPOpticsState Of Polarization
82SOPEducationState Operated Program
83SOPAccountingStatement of Position
84SOPBusinessStatement Of Purpose
85SOPAccountingStatements Of Position
86SOPEducationState-Operated Program
87SOPProductsStick On Plate
88SOPOccupation & PositionsStock Option Plan
89SOPBusinessStore Opening Process
90SOPGovernmentStreet Outreach Program
91SOPClothingString Of Pearls
92SOPManufacturingStudent Operated Press
93SOPNASA - SpaceSubsystem Operating Procedure
94SOPEducationalSum Of Powers
95SOPEducationalSum Of Products
96SOPEducationSummary of Performance
97SOPEngineeringSummary of Proposals
98SOPArmySunday Official Party
99SOPTechnologySuper Operator
100SOPMedicalSuperior Oblique Palsy
101SOPPharmaceuticalSuperior Oblique Paresis
102SOPUncategorizedSupport Oriented Processes
103SOPOilfieldSuspension Of Production
104SOPEducationalSystem Of Particles

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