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ECS Full Form

ECS Full Form: What Does ECS Stand For?

Do you want to know what is full form of ECS is? Then, here you will come to know what Does ECS stand for? Also all possible Full Form of ECS.

ECS Full Form

The term ECS has many full forms, but out of which most relevant full form is-

ECS Full Form is – Electronic Clearing System

ECS (Electronic Clearing System) is a computerised method of transmitting money from one bank account to another.

ECS is an electronic system that allows you to move money from one bank account to another. It also allows you to interact with your account’s electronic credit or debit card.

ECS facility from your bank account is available if desired. You can pay a consumer with this method. Also, if you wish to invest in mutual funds monthly via SIP and you pay your power, water, telephone, and other bills on a regular basis, you can offer your bank an ECS mandate for this. ECS can also be used to pay off a loan or a credit card.

Types of ECS Service?

ECS service can be as follows –

ECS Credit – In ECS credit, an institution credits your bank accounts, for example your dividends, salaries, etc. for your information. To credit multiple accounts, a single account is periodically debited. Can.

ECS Debit – In ECS debit, you pay EMI for your loan, mutual fund, policy premium etc.

ECS This is the facility of Digital Credit Auto Transfer / Auto Debit Funds Transfer (Service) from one bank account to another bank account. It also provides the facility of Electronic Debit / Credit Transaction to the customer from his bank account.

This scheme is mainly used for Repetitive and Periodic payments.

The payments under this scheme are from a single user source (eg bank, company, industry or government department) to a large number of Destination (target) account holders (eg consumers / investors / employees), who after a certain time interval Have to pay

History of ECS

The Department of Posts (DoP), popularly known as India Post, debuted the ECS facility in Mumbai City on August 9, 2003.

Later this scheme was introduced across the country by RBI to reduce the load on people and banks and to make Repetitive & Periodic payments simple and fast.

Presently the facility is functioning under Reserve Bank of India (RBI) at 15 different centers across the country where RBI manages its ECS Clearing Houses. At the same time, there are 21 centers of SBI and 29 centers of PNB and other banks which manage the facility of ECS on the lines of RBI.

Types of ECS:

By the way, ECS Service is of two types.

ECS Credit: Through ECS Credit, one keeps sending money to your bank account from time to time, such as payment of interest, Dividends, Salary, Pension etc. of your deposit. Under this, money is deposited from time to time in a single account so that money can be credited to multiple accounts later.

ECS Debit: In this type of ECS you pay EMI of your loans, Mutual funds, premiums for all types of insurance, electricity, water, mobile and internet bills.

How to apply for an ECS Scheme:

Any salaried person or employee who works in any government or private department and has a Salary Account can contact his bank branch and get registered for ECS.

If you wish to use your bank account for ECS, you must first notify your bank about the situation.

Then your bank will give ECS Mandate Form (Mandate) to start the ECS service. You can give ECS Credit / Debit mandate to your bank only through this.

You must specify the branch of your bank account, as well as other vital account information, while filling out this form. You may also set the maximum amount to be paid in this form.

Following the launch of the ECS service, anytime funds are transferred from or placed into your account, you will receive an SMS notification to your cell phone.

Advantages of ECS:

ECS Scheme has reduced many loads of payments related people and banks. One credit can be given to the Internet and Computer for bringing the ECS Scheme into existence, apart from this, some other benefits of ECS are as follows.

Due to this service various types of bills are paid on time.

This facility helps customers to fill their daily needs like electricity bill, mobile bill, water bill, internet bill etc.

Since this process is completely paperless, it is also beneficial for the environment.

This service can be started and stopped easily.

The money of many public welfare schemes provided by the government now goes directly to the public accounts.

The ECS System has greatly accelerated banking-related operations.

Thus, there is no charge of any kind on the transfer of money.

What Does ECS Stand For?

ECS stands for – Electronic Clearing System

NCC Full Form

What is Full Forms of ECS

Now, here is the complete Full-Form list of the term ECS.

Sr. No.TermCategoryECS Full Form
1ECSBankingElectronic Clearing System
2ECSCareerEarly Career Scientists
3ECSEducationalEarly Childhood Services
5ECSEducationEarly Childhood Studies
6ECSChildhoodEarly Childhood Systems
9ECSAutomotiveEarly Crash Sensor
10ECSScience FictionEarth Cargo Ship
11ECSChinaEast China Sea
12ECSAutomotiveEast Coast Supercharging
13ECSUncategorizedEAthletics Championship Series
14ECSTechnologyEC2 Container Service
15ECSMinnesotaEcological Classification System
16ECSCompanies or OrganizationsEconomic Consultancy House
17ECSMedicalEconomy Class Syndrome
18ECSCurrencyEcuadorian Sucre
19ECSEducationalEddy Covariance System
20ECSEducationalEdge Composite System
21ECSComputingEdinburgh Computer Services
22ECSInformation TechnologyEdit Configuration System
23ECSEducationEducation Commission of the States
24ECSLocal StatesEducation Cost Sharing
25ECSEducationalEducation, Civilization, and Science
26ECSEducationalEducational and Society Services
27ECSInformation TechnologyEducational Computer Strategist
28ECSProductsEducational Construction Set
29ECSEducationalEducational Cost Sharing
30ECSCertifications & DiplomasEducator Certification System
31ECSInformation TechnologyE-Economics Service
34ECSUncategorizedElastic Cloud Storage
35ECSUncategorizedElastic Common Schema
36ECSUncategorizedElastic Container Service
37ECSAutomotiveElectric Charging Station
38ECSNeurologyElectrical Cortical Stimulation
39ECSAutomotiveElectrically Controlled Suspension
40ECSMedicalElectrocerebral Silence
41ECSEducationalElectrochemical Society
42ECSMedicalElectroconvulsive Shock
43ECSEducationalElectronic and Computer Science
44ECSPoliticsElectronic Certification System
45ECSAutomotiveElectronic Charging Station
46ECSInformation TechnologyElectronic Chart System
47ECSGeographyElectronic Charting Systems
48ECSEducationalElectronic Citation System
49ECSEducationalElectronic Claim Submission
50ECSEducationalElectronic Claims Submission
51ECSAccountingElectronic Clearing Service
52ECSBankingElectronic Clearing Services
53ECSAutomotiveElectronic Clutch System
54ECSInformation TechnologyElectronic Communications Service
55ECSAutomotiveElectronic Control Power Steering
56ECSCompanies or OrganizationsElectronic Control Services Company
57ECSTechnologyElectronic Control System
58ECSProductsElectronic Controlled Suspension
59ECSAutomotiveElectronic Crash Sensor
60ECSEducationalElectronic Credit Settlement
61ECSInformation TechnologyElectronic Cross-Connect System
62ECSInformation TechnologyElectronic Customer Support
63ECSEducationalElectronic Economics Server
64ECSInformation TechnologyElectronic Economics Services
65ECSInformation TechnologyElectronic Economics System
66ECSAutomotiveElectronically Controlled Suspension
67ECSEducationalElectronics and Computer Science
68ECSEducationalElement Construction Set
69ECSEngineeringElemental Capture Sonde
70ECSGeophysicsElemental Capture Spectroscopy
71ECSCompanies or OrganizationsElitegroup Computer Systems
72ECSInformation TechnologyEmbedded Computer System
73ECSInformation TechnologyEmbedded Control Systems
74ECSUncategorizedEmerald City Supporters
75ECSInformation TechnologyEmergency Communication System
76ECSPoliticsEmergency Communications Staff
77ECSTransportationEmergency Communications System
78ECSPoliticsEmergency Coordinating Staff
79ECSAutomotiveEmission Control System
80ECSSchoolsEmmaus Correspondence School
81ECSUncategorizedEmpire City Subway
82ECSEmploymentEmployment Contractor Services
83ECSRailwayEmpty Coaching Stock
84ECSCybersecurityEncryption Control System
85ECSNeurologyEndogenous Cannabinoid System
86ECSEnergyEnergy Communication and Services
87ECSNormal BusinessEnergy Consumption Saver
88ECSChemistryEnergy Corrected Sudden
89ECSArmyEngagement Control Station
91ECSNASA - SpaceEngine Control System
92ECSAutomotiveEngine Coolant System
93ECSAutomotiveEngine Crank Switch
94ECSArmyEngineer Combat System
95ECSCompanies or OrganizationsEngineered Compost Systems
96ECSComputingEngineering and Computer Science
97ECSEducationalEngineering and Computer Simulations
98ECSNormal BusinessEngineering Capture System
99ECSCompanies or OrganizationsEngineering Career Services
100ECSAutomotiveEngineering Change Schedule
101ECSCompanies or OrganizationsEngineering Computer Services
102ECSEducationalEngineering Computer Simulations
103ECSAutomotiveEngineering Control Systems
104ECSCockerEnglish Cocker Spaniel
105ECSMedia CenterEnglish Communications Service
106ECSUncategorizedEnhanced Chip Set
107ECSInformation TechnologyEnhanced Communications Server
108ECSNormal BusinessEnhanced Customer Service
109ECSInformation TechnologyEnter Cloud Suite
110ECSAutomotiveEnterprise Car Share


What is ECS Full Form in Banking

Electronic Clearing Service

What Does ECS stand for in Medical Terms?

In Medical Terms ECS stand for – Electrocerebral Silence

What Does ECS stand for in Security?

In Security ECS stand for – Electronic Clearing Service

What Does ECS stand for Army?

In Army ECS stand for – Equipment Concentration Site

What Does ECS Stand For in Cars?

In Cars ECS stands for – Electronically Controlled Suspension

Final Words:

I hope you get what you want to know about ECS. If you want to know the full forms of other term, then please ask by comments or email. Your valuable comments are always welcome.

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